GOTR20150712 Podcast

Yes, we managed another podcast this week! This might actually get to be a regular thing! Gary’s been spending more time with the Arsenal Strike One this week, a thorough review is forth coming. Jason answers a question about ankle rigs and cowboy boots. And as usual, we answer listener question.

One thought on “GOTR20150712 Podcast

  1. Guys, I listen to your podcasts regularly and have a suggestion. Record them in mono and reduce the bit rate to 64 or even 48 kbps.
    Your file size is so large (85 to 90 MB) it takes 5 to 10 minutes to download and my internet service provider charges me by the Gigabyte.
    There is no need for high fidelity/stereo for a talk show. 64 to 48 kbps bit rate in mono would be more than adequate and cut the file size by almost 50%.
    Other podcasts I download are much smaller and faster and much less frustrating to acquire.



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