George Takei decides to open a can


The man is welcome to his opinion. I however, find it interesting that a man who knows what it is like for his own government to imprison him and his family without due process would advocate giving that same government an absolute monopoly on force. At the end of the day, to suggest that only the government should have guns is to suggest he’s ok with the way his family was treated during World War II.

I just find it odd that he would honestly suggest that no one should have the right to fight such an egregious violation of one’s basic civil rights and just go along with the program for “the greater good.” Personally, George, I want you and your husband to be able to defend yourselves and your weed stash. Not just from some Confederate Flag waving moron but, from the same Democrats and Republicans who thought it was OK to round you and your family up for no reason other than you had the wrong color skin and the wrong lastname.


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