GOTR20150809 Podcast

Another swashbuckling podcast by three amigos known as Guns Over Texas! Taurus is the subject of our usual disdain as they’ve now had to issue a recall of over a half-million pistols, again for safety issues much like the previous recall of their 24/7. Use of force is a hot topic again with the media salivating over every arrest and every officer involved shooting. And Gary gives a shameless plug for the Hackberry Rod & Gun club after a successful fishing trip to Louisiana.

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    • There’s an issue with iTunes and iTunes only that we are still working to resolve. The feed iTunes watches for update is working properly but, it isn’t updating the listing and we don’t yet fully understand why. Unfortunately, it also happens to be a fairly busy time for me at work and at home so I’ve only got so much time to figure it out. I’m hoping to have it squared away this week.


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