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Andrew Tuohy over at Vuurwapen Blog has stirred up a hornet’s nest. And I’m personally just enjoying the discussion with a bag of popcorn. At issue? The allegation that FireClean is basically “Crisco” or some other form of vegetable oil.

I say I’m simply watching with a bag of popcorn because I don’t have a horse in the race. I have not used FireClean but, I have used vegetable oil as a lubricant. Not in a gun but, perhaps to silence a squeaky door hinge if nothing else was handy. Still, there’s a little bit of science in this discussion and the results are somewhat interesting. It’s worth a read at the link below.

“I did not – and still do not – believe that FireClean is Crisco, but not for the reason you might think. Although such statements make for shocking arguments, it wouldn’t really make sense to buy a name brand product at a high price if the goal was to resell and make money.

Still, the claim that FireClean is nothing more than Crisco is not one to be taken lightly by anyone – not by consumers and certainly not by the company. I spoke at length with one of the makers of FireClean, Ed Sugg, and he assured me that not a single drop of Crisco has ever been part of their formulation, even during initial testing with various mixtures. Interestingly enough, he specifically mentioned that soybean oil had not been part of their testing.”

Read more at: Infrared Spectroscopy of FireClean and Crisco Oils | Vuurwapen Blog


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