GOTR20170507 Podcast

This week, we’ve got a little more discussion about Springfield Armory’s situation in Illinois. We also had the chance to fondle and shoot Beretta’s new APX pistol. In other news, Steyr is suing Sig over the modular nature of the P320 alleging a patent violation…Seems Steyr wants a piece of the US Government pie Sig has earned for itself. And finally, it has been a busy week for armed Texans defending themselves and others. All of that and more of our usual shenanigans on this week’s podcast.

2 thoughts on “GOTR20170507 Podcast

  1. Thanks for the mention at the start of the show. My wife heard it and said, “AH HAA! So that’s why you took so long to get home.”. I told her she’s lucky it’s a two hour drive or I’d be in your shop all the damn time. The Nexbelt is fantastic BTW.

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