So here’s what the District Attorney’s office had to say for itself.

Responding to complaints from the GOTR crew and more importantly, our listeners and fellow citizens, the Office of the District Attorney of Harris County has offered an explanation of what happened this weekend. To say the least, we were disappointed by the weekend’s events and the DA’s office has tried to offer some explanation. Speaking through their Public Information Officer, Jeff McShan, the DA’s office says they are looking at “the big picture.”

As mentioned, a friend of the show was the victim of a burglary last week. This burglary occurred just hours after it was announced that District Attorney Devon Anderson had joined Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, promising to seek solutions against and actively prosecute gun crimes. Just 48hrs later, her office was presented with a an opportunity to deliver on those promises. McShan says his boss is “tough on crime,” but having her Assistant District Attorney refuse mutliple charges seemed like a contradiction and joining PAGV, co-chaired by New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., and Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feuer, neither of whom are known to be friendly to gun owners, likely does her no favors among the conservative voters she’ll need for her re-election campaign.

So, what is the long version of this “big picture” explanation? Well, according to McShan, the ADA refused charges of burglary because in the eyes of the court, simply possessing the guns does not mean they had anything to do with the burglary.  As someone who once found himself in possession of a stolen gun, I’ll vouch for that answer and that answer alone with one critical exception. In my case, I never wavered in the facts of how I came to possess the gun and everything I told the cops was readily verified by everyone involved. Well, everyone except the suspect originally involved in the burglary who, if I remember correctly, was already in a hospital with multiple blunt force injuries when police went looking for him. In this case however, the suspects’ stories about how they came into possession of the stolen guns changed multiple times and were in conflict with each other during their encounter with police. In law enforcement, I’m told they call this a clue. An indicator of deception if you will. You know…A lie. But it’s not proof they knew the guns were stolen according to the ADA. And so, she also refused charges of possession of stolen property. By the way, this is where that “big picture” argument comes in.

You see, the claim is that the ADA who took the call from deputies, knew that a conviction for possession of stolen property might be easy but, could mean a short sentence…As little as six months. So with that in mind, the ADA instructed the deputies to release the suspects, seize the weapons and refer the case to investigators. You see, if investigators can make a burglary arrest, that is a 2nd degree felony. A 2nd degree felony punishable by a minimum of 2 years or a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. So why not arrest them AND investigate them? Well, because again, the ADA was “looking at the big picture.” You see, the DA’s office says that possession charge, which they originally said might be an easy conviction, might also be an easily dismissed by a judge. Again, Anderson believes her ADA made the right call. Be that as it may, it was only after the deputies made their fourth and fifth call to the ADA, citing chapter and verse of Chapter 46 of the Texas penal code regarding possession of prohibited ammunition in this case, that charges were finally accepted and an arrest made. The suspects have since bonded out on that charge and have a pending court date for it.

One hopes there really is an ongoing investigation regarding the suspects’ involvement in the burglary. But the “big picture” in our experience, being that it’s a burglary with no loss of life or significant injury, would suggest that further investigation is unlikely. The DA may be tough on crime but, burglaries are rarely listed as “cleared” by law enforcement agencies. Burglaries, in the big picture, are not considered “violent” crimes that police agencies consider a priority. I honestly hope that isn’t the case here but, having experienced my own burglary, I have little faith that anything more will come of this case. Conviction is not assured and there’s an election coming.  At the end of the day, the district attorney’s job is to convict the accused and get re-elected. This case does not figure into that equation but, maybe, just maybe, Anderson will prove me wrong.


Harris County Assistant DA Sticks It To Burglary Victims

Last Thursday afternoon, a very good friend of mine was startled to learn his house had been broken into and ransacked. The criminals kicked their way into the home via the back door, and destroyed the sanctuary of a wonderful family. The burglars broke their way into the family safe, and pilfered more firearms than I can count with all my fingers. Not only that, they also stole jewelry and hard earned savings. We suspect the burglary was carried out by the same criminals who broke into his truck while he ate at Texas Land and Cattle on 1960 & 249 a few weeks ago. His range bag and briefcase containing personal info were stolen in seconds. This theft could have very well been the catalyst that launched the burglary and extreme personal violation.

Fast forward to Saturday night at the range. As the night was winding down, two young, black men came cruising in the door wanting to use the range. As they shot, a customer and fellow friend of the burglary victim, recognized two of the very distinct guns being used as two stolen from the collection of our friend. These were custom guns, with most of the parts purchased and installed just 10 days before at the very range these assholes decided to practice their skills. Our customer called the Constables, who raced over, disarmed, and apprehended the duo with the stolen guns. The pair were handcuffed and their gun bag was searched. Sure enough, two of the pistols being used were verified as the stolen guns. Both by visual ID by the victim, and matching serial numbers out of the sales records. One of the other pistols, a pink, spray painted Glock was listed as stolen as well. As the Constables prepared to call the DA with their case, they found these two had previously had a number of run ins with law enforcement.  And

Strangely enough, the case was dropped after the witnesses mysteriously disappeared. In spite of that, I must admit they were always polite and paid their fines when they destroyed equipment with errant gunfire. I appreciate the courtesy. But, they also fit the description of gangbanging thieves wanted by the ATF. They (ATF agents) paid me a visit two weeks ago to warn us of these guys and to call them if this group of thugs were spotted. Unfortunately, the Agent searching for these fellas happened to be on vacation yesterday. It’s unfortunate, because the assistant DA on duty Saturday night out of DA Devon Anderson’s office, I’m not quite sure of her name, but I believe it was Arriega, refused to charge these upstanding young men with possession of stolen firearms. Never mind their stories didn’t match. Never mind the guns one claimed “daddy had forever”, were assembled ten days ago. Never mind the receipt for the serialized optic was actually sitting on top of my desk at that very moment. Never mind these guys have been processed numerous times and witnesses have come up missing. Never mind they are wanted by the ATF. Never mind they are known gang members. Never mind Police KNOW at least one of these guys has shot people in the past! The ADA refused to charge them with possession of stolen firearms and told the Constables to let them go. Turn them loose. On your streets. She had the opportunity to take bad people off the street as they were CAUGHT RED HANDED with STOLEN FIREARMS! The DA’s office isn’t willing to put in the effort to prove they KNEW the guns were stolen. Never mind they were stolen just 48 hours previous. Instead of doing her freaking job, and proving these hoodlums as guilty, she chose to victimize the burglary victim and his family all over again! And assured they will never be able to spend another night in their house. By not doing what the taxpayers pay her to do. By not putting criminals in jail where they belong. Talking to a few of the officers, I found this kind of bull is common from the DA’s office. Apparently, the ADA will only take cases that are absolute lay down convictions, so as to make their record more appealing when they’re applying for jobs in the private sector. Why wouldn’t an oil company want to hire someone who won every case they worked? This clown is putting officers, victims and citizens in danger every night by releasing thugs like these two in the street instead of taking a seemingly slam dunk case. She should be ashamed for her lack of action on this, an ACTUAL GUN CRIME CAUGHT ON CAMERA. It was only pure luck, the watchful eye, and quick thinking of law enforcement that noticed armor penetrating ammo sitting in the bottom of the rifle bag that got these guys locked up in the end. After much persuasion, reading and rereading of the penal code, did the ADA accept charges for possession of AP ammo. I am sickened and disgusted by the actions of the ADA from the office of Devon Anderson Saturday night. These criminals should have been hauled away, right away. They wake in the morning and prepare to ruin lives. They have no moral compass and will kill if presented with the opportunity. They belong in jail. Not out on the streets amongst you and your family. But apparently, that’s right where the ADA wants them…

GOTR rant on hate and threats on our pages


Folks a little rant is coming your way. We at GOTR started this page and site for a few reasons. We want to support the 2nd Amendment, we want to help folks with any questions about firearms or defense, we want to spread facts not rumors, and we want to have fun!

A lot of what we post generates debate. We encourage that. If you don’t agree with us, tell us why. Use facts and cite a source. If you want make joke, make jokes. We love to laugh. We want to hear from our listeners!

What is getting out of hand is hate. Calls to violence or to murder folks, even politicians we don’t like is not needed or wanted. Racial crap is not needed or wanted. Cop hate is not needed or wanted. Specifically, we had a post about an officer being saved by a bullet proof vest, with a comment “most cops are corrupt, fuck them, kill them all.” Jeff’s father is a cop, his girlfriend is a cop. Gary’s father is a cop. Jason is a cop, and his daughter is about to be a cop. You are calling for them to all be murdered?!? Take that hate filled crap over to “cop block” or some other site. Donut jokes are fine, disagreement with police is fine, pointing out police misconduct is fine, but death threats are not. The “Ban Hammer” will come down.

Likewise, death threats about political figures can be screen captured and used on anti gun sites to make us all look bad. Check that stuff at the door. Because we will delete it.

Have fun, joke, voice your opinion, participate, argue with us, disagree with us, keep the hate and violence to yourself.

GOTR Staff