Call it profiling if you want…

2nd suspect arrested in college shooting – Houston Chronicle.

Somehow, I find it hard to believe this guy is a concealed handgun license holder. I’ll be honest, I hope he’s not.  If he is, he obviously wasn’t paying attention to the NON-VIOLENT DISPUTE RESOLUTION portion of the class.  You know, the part where we tell you it’s better to respond rather than react and to remain in an adult ego state versus the obvious child ego state you’d have to be in for things to go this far over someone bumping into you.



2 thoughts on “Call it profiling if you want…

  1. I have been in a facebook debate with someone who actually posted that these men were “responsible gun owners” and “normal guys” who got mad and used a gun because it was handy. Her argument was, of course, for stricter gun control and she said that it should be mandated that gun owners keep their firearms locked up in a safe so that they are not so easily accessible and so intruders cannot steal them! Yes, once again, blaming these problems on the gun owner, not the the criminal and on the victim NOT the intruder! I finally just quit arguing as it was a waste of my time!

  2. Jodi, I know I’m preaching to choir but, these “boys” (and I use that term quite specifically) are the antithesis of “responsible” gun owners. Responsible gun owners don’t get into fights over people bumping into us. You say “excuse me” and move on. I say boys because what little detail available has all the marks of an adolescent, school-yard fight between boys, rather than the actions of grown men.

    Now, I will say this unfortunately lends credence to complaints that college “kids” aren’t mature enough to carry on campus. That’s the story the left will roll with. We know better but, the fact is, there are morons like this on our college campuses. I saw a similar incident when I was a student at UH-Downtown in the late 1990s. Two students got into a fight because one called the other “west coast” or something to that effect and things escalated from there pretty quickly. Next thing you know, a gun comes out and the “victim” hauls butt into a classroom. Campus gets shut down, cops running all over the place, and of course, the media comes in to give nasal exams with microphones.

    The person you’re debating is going after the symptom rather than the disease. The real problem here is we have grown men (and women) running around acting like children. But you can’t just fix that problem with a ban. It’s a cultural/societal issue and speaks to mental health, the influence of popular media (music, TV, movies, etc), and of course the family unit among other things. But that’s all far more complicated and a bigger discussion than simply banning an object. The idea of addressing broken families and the lack of positive male role models for young black men is too controversial. The idea that we’ve got a bunch of white males in our society who have been marginalized all their lives, clearly have mental health issues, and might be ticking time bombs is also way too controversial. To address either of those issues honestly would be racist.

    In the end, you’re right, the argument was a waste of time. Like so many people on both sides of this issue, she’s already made up her mind and is uninterested in discussing the facts.

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