Biden just won’t shut up!


A prostitute teaching abstinence in Sunday school would be a more sincere, knowledgeable, and honest source of advice than Joe Biden on guns. In recent weeks; Biden, on at least three separate occasions, has publicly offered wholly inaccurate, ignorant, and even illegal advice on these subjects while simultaneously suggesting that no one should own a modern firearm such as an AR15.  Each time, the White House has stood behind him and supported said advice saying he was absolutely right.

For just a second, let’s try to ignore the stupid/dangerous tactic of having a gun that can only fire two shots.  Let’s also ignore his and the White House opposition to private ownership of anything other than a double-barrel shotgun.  The fact is; you will be hard pressed to find an honest prosecutor, police officer, or defense tactics instructor who would stand behind the suggestion that you fire shotgun rounds into the air off your balcony (We all have one of those, right?) to or blindly fire a shotgun through your front door to scare off a would be intruder.

In case you didn’t know; this is called deadly conduct in Texas (disorderly conduct at a minimum) and can be readily elevated to a felony.  If Texas will arrest you and charge you with a crime for this kind of stuff, what do you think they’ll do in places like New York City where it is now illegal for a restaurant or other establishment to offer a soft drink larger than sixteen ounces? It’s a damned shame that 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, one might consider Texas a free state compared to New York but, there it is. The only dumb thing Biden hasn’t said (yet) is drag the body back into your house after you shoot through the door. If this was Dick Cheney (especially after the infamous hunting incident), we’d all be calling Bush or anyone else a moron for following any advice Cheney offered with regard to guns.  Knowing this, how does anyone take Biden’s opinions or advice seriously.


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