Wonder how the politicians will explain it if Chicago’s crime rate goes down?

Chicago prepares for new concealed carry gun law – Yahoo! News.

Predictably, the anti-gunners are screaming there will be blood in the streets as Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn decides whether or not to sign the bill that ends the last concealed carry ban in the country.  News flash folks, you already have blood in the streets! Chicago is among the most violent cities in the country and has been since the Prohibition Era. Like Washington D.C. before them, Chicago and most of its surrounding communities enacted bans on handguns and most modern long arms beginning in 1982.  It is well known that you must have a valid Firearm Owner IDentification (FOID) card just to buy ammunition in the state of Illinois. One must pass a background check to get said FOID card.  So even with all of these measures in place, it would seem that denying law abiding citizens the right to own guns has done little to help.


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