3 thoughts on “Glock’s G42 preview on their YouTube Channel

  1. Why is everyone assuming this is a .380? He nevers mentions the caliber in this Youtube, but he does mention the “26 you’re used to”, which hints that it might be a 9mm. I’m guessing they started with a .380 as an alternative to the S&W Shield, which is available in 9 and 40. But this video conveniently stays away from the size of the bullet fired by the G42.

    • The gun has been seen in person and confirmed to be a .380ACP. That doesn’t mean they won’t introduce a 9mm singe-stack at some point but, the G42 won’t be it. FWIW, the G41 has been confirmed as a .45cal, 13-shooter with G34/35 proportions. There was talk last year from Glock that there would be a G40 but, no mention of that has been made sense and it almost seem as if Glock intentionally skipped that number in their numbering scheme.


  2. Great. It’s not what I’ve been asking for. I’ve been asking for a .45ACP version of the G38 (the mid-size in .45GAP). Who needs another weenie gun shooting 85gr?

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