Gear Review: Tuffy F-150 Under Rear Seat Lockbox

Gary checking in. I imagine there are at least a few of our listeners who may be driving 2009+ Ford F-150s…This is Texas, after all. Tuffy Security Products now makes a locking storage container specific to the 2009+ F-150 in SuperCab or SuperCrew trim. Tuffy built a name making secure containers for the various incarnations of the ubiquitous “Jeep” from the old CJ to the modern JK which are notorious targets for vehicular burglary in open-top or rag-top trim. If you’re looking to secure items in your vehicle, their products are well worth consideration. I recently installed one of their units in my own F-150.

The unit installs with simple tools in 30 minutes or less. There’s an optional security bolt that makes the installation semi permanent (recommended) but, it’s designed for tool-less removal inless than a minute.  So long as it’s locked, no one is getting in or pulling it out of the truck without a pry-bar, torch, or cutting wheel. Nothing is theft-proof but, you certainly can make getting at your stuff difficult enough that a thief may decide there is easier access to items to be had in another vehicle. Of course, if they take the whole truck, all bets are off.

As mentioned earlier, I installed the “short” version of this unit in my own F-150 (with factory subwoofer) in less than 30 minutes.  I found that it is still long enough to fit some serious kit, including a rifle or shotgun and ancillary items.  If you’re driving a 2009+ F-150, check out their under seat security lockbox for the F-150 or checkout some of their many other products for Jeeps and other vehicles. Everything they make is reasonably priced and most are designed to be installed without drilling/cutting your vehicle so you can always return it to stock or transfer it to another vehicle if room exists. Check their site at


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  1. Nifty little utility box, thanks for posting this. I quit putting gun decals on my vehicles so I wasn’t rolling around in a vehicle that screamed ” I have guns in here!” But thiefs still tend to break into trucks hoping to snatch up a gun or two. This would have saved plenty of people a lot of money and headaches had the invested in one of these boxes.

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