Texting, hazardous to your health in more ways that one…


A moviegoer lost his life inside a Pasco County theater Monday afternoon after a dispute over texting with a retired police officer.

According to the sheriff’s office, the dispute happened before the 1:20 showing of ‘Lone Survivor’ had even gotten underway at the Cobb CineBistro at Grove 16 complex on Wesley Grove Blvd.

Investigators say two couples had gotten into an argument over noise.

“The victim was on his cell phone; he was texting. We believe he was making some kind of noise. This noise led to an altercation between the suspect and the victim,” Sheriff Chris Nocco explained.

via Man killed after dispute over texting in theater – FOX 13 News.

The fact this happened in Florida will again lead to liberal media bringing the “Stand Your Ground” law into the discussion even though it really has nothing to do with this incident. The shooter in this case is someone who should know/understand use of force better than most. If he can’t articulate a reasonable belief of an imminent threat of bodily harm to himself or someone else, a jury will decide his fate. For the time being, 71-year-old, Curtis Reeves, a retired Tampa police officer, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Unfortunately, no matter what happens, the lives of those involved will never be the same and a child has lost her father.


FOX 13 News

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