GOTR’s time at KSEV comes to and end but, the show ain’t over just yet.

Dear brothers and sisters of the spiral tube, it is with regret that I must tell you that our joyride on the KSEV Radio Train has come to an end. KSEV made a business decision to fill our time slot with Michael Savage reruns. We have had a great time in the studio and are very appreciative of the opportunity KSEV afforded us. There is a silver lining, as we will shortly have a new YouTube channel up and lots of reviews and the typical banter will continue from Shiloh Shooting Range. Stay tuned to our FB page and, which we will update shortly with more info. Shoot Straight!


12 thoughts on “GOTR’s time at KSEV comes to and end but, the show ain’t over just yet.

  1. There are lots of podcast-only radio shows, guys. Firearms Radio Network is home to a dozen or more podcasts, 2/3 of which are considerably less interesting and entertaining than GOTR. FWIW.

    • I second that motion. Just keep doing the show and post it as a podcast as always on the website. Leaving radio is just a minor setback. Besides you reach a larger world wide audience on the Web anyway. Keep going guys.

  2. Sorry to hear that you guys are no longer “on the air”. Really looked forward to the show every week even if I could not listen live and had to catch the podcast.

  3. Michael Savage, aka Wiener? Holy smokes, that guy is a total retard. Well that just blows. Yours is my favorite gun-centric radio show, and I listen to a few every week. I’m gonna have to shoot some hate mail to your former broadcasters.


  4. I hope that I did not give your show the kiss of death. I was a Shilow this weekend getting my CHL class done and I commented on how much I enjoyed the show. Who needs the radio when you can do everything on line. Much success.

  5. I listen from San Antonio. Love the show. Podcasting is the way of the future anyway. Radio is Dying as a media. SERIOUSLY START YOUR OWN PODCAST.

    • As I said, there are many podcast-only firearms programs. That timeslot was a problem anyway. I always listened to the download, usually on my phone connected in my car during the week–just like the way I listen to Tom Gresham, Armed American Radio, and the others. KSEV is in a market of a few million people. The Internet is a few BILLION people!

    • This also is wisdom, IMHO. I am in Garland, I always download and listen during the afternoons here when THAT RETARD WIENER is on my beloved WBAP.

      Going to pure podcast won’t lose me. I did send the idjits at your ex a hatemail, btw. F ’em, they shat the bed not GOTR.

  6. Podcasts are for those that want to listen to a canned show.
    Internet Radio is the answer. Talk to the guys at They have been through a number of hosts and now roll their own with call-in and chat along with supporting a geographically diverse set of host over Skype.

  7. Damn, I just learned of this after just going to the KSEV website to tune you guys in this evening.
    I thought some horrid error was on their schedule line up.
    Hah. WEll frack em.

    Hope you manage to get something cooking on the web.
    I didn’t catch every show, obviously, but when in the mood always enjoyed tuning in.

    So if you do get something cooking please get the audio levels right this time!
    All mics need to be kept at the same levels and teach that one guy to not eat the mic when he busts out laughing or gets excited. bad on my nerves.
    You know the guy, that guy.

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