Idiot prankster gets a gun pulled on himself…

So this dose of stupid popped up in my feed this morning. A guy with a YouTube Channel known as ModelPrankstersTV managed to pull his prank on someone who had a gun. Toward the end of the video, one victim of the prank stroked out with his own Glock out but, did not fire. That may be dumb luck. It might be part of the script. We honestly don’t know. But the prankster wants us to tune in again to see what stupidity he’ll demonstrate next.

The problem the idiot prankster doesn’t seem to recognize is that his victim, if it really was a random person on the street, could easily have hosed him down in lead and been fully justified in doing so. Folks, we’ve got a great sense of humor but, this is reckless, criminal, and potentially fatal stupidity. It should not be encouraged.


GOTR’s time at KSEV comes to and end but, the show ain’t over just yet.

Dear brothers and sisters of the spiral tube, it is with regret that I must tell you that our joyride on the KSEV Radio Train has come to an end. KSEV made a business decision to fill our time slot with Michael Savage reruns. We have had a great time in the studio and are very appreciative of the opportunity KSEV afforded us. There is a silver lining, as we will shortly have a new YouTube channel up and lots of reviews and the typical banter will continue from Shiloh Shooting Range. Stay tuned to our FB page and, which we will update shortly with more info. Shoot Straight!