14 thoughts on “More GOTR to come…Your patience is appreciated

  1. There is no reason you can’t have a live radio show and take calls. All you need to do is get an account with any of the live feed sources. Then post times. You will be broadcasting so we can call in.

    • Tempting but, no. Now if you want to peacefully convince them they made a mistake, go right ahead but, we’re trying our best to move along and do so quickly.


  2. Grilling on Sunday nights will not be the same without you guys what can we your listeners do to help?
    Is this the best forum to keep up with what is going on and when you will be back on the air?

    • We certainly appreciate the support and offers for help. Things are in the works. Keep checking here and the FB page, We’ll post an update as soon as we can.


  3. Hey, Phil Hendrie did it, so can you!

    Anthony Cumia is going to do it too, I would imagine.

    Hey, maybe you can get something cooking with Anthony, I understand he has a
    gun and respects gun rights.

    That would be awesome. Guns over Texas with special guest Anthony Cumia.

    Won’t have to worry about FCC fines now. Why not, eh.

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