GOTR rant on hate and threats on our pages


Folks a little rant is coming your way. We at GOTR started this page and site for a few reasons. We want to support the 2nd Amendment, we want to help folks with any questions about firearms or defense, we want to spread facts not rumors, and we want to have fun!

A lot of what we post generates debate. We encourage that. If you don’t agree with us, tell us why. Use facts and cite a source. If you want make joke, make jokes. We love to laugh. We want to hear from our listeners!

What is getting out of hand is hate. Calls to violence or to murder folks, even politicians we don’t like is not needed or wanted. Racial crap is not needed or wanted. Cop hate is not needed or wanted. Specifically, we had a post about an officer being saved by a bullet proof vest, with a comment “most cops are corrupt, fuck them, kill them all.” Jeff’s father is a cop, his girlfriend is a cop. Gary’s father is a cop. Jason is a cop, and his daughter is about to be a cop. You are calling for them to all be murdered?!? Take that hate filled crap over to “cop block” or some other site. Donut jokes are fine, disagreement with police is fine, pointing out police misconduct is fine, but death threats are not. The “Ban Hammer” will come down.

Likewise, death threats about political figures can be screen captured and used on anti gun sites to make us all look bad. Check that stuff at the door. Because we will delete it.

Have fun, joke, voice your opinion, participate, argue with us, disagree with us, keep the hate and violence to yourself.

GOTR Staff

5 thoughts on “GOTR rant on hate and threats on our pages

  1. Pound that ban hammer GOTR Staff! There is no excuse for stuff like that. Just because you see a majority of bad cops in the media doesn’t mean it is all cops. The majority who do their jobs and care about what they are doing don’t get reported. Blood sells ratings, good stuff doesn’t.

  2. I enjoyed your radio program and contnue to enjoy these blog posts. They are always thought provoking. Keep up the good work.

  3. I fully support what you guys do. I look forward to your posts and the topics you bring up concerning the second amendment and self defense. Threats like these don’t belong in a discussion among adults. It’s sad that so much of our society has become guided by emotions, especially the anger they feel when they get caught doing something wrong, that they have given up on logical thinking and integrity.

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