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This week has been busy. We actually didn’t cover everything we’d planned to discuss. Sig’s P320 continues to end up in the headlines of the gun world. This week, it actually got some bad press, or as some might call it, “fake news.” Jason’s curiosity got the best of him and squirreled all of us while recording. That and more on this week’s podcast

Use your words…Using precise words to control movement

Craig Douglas’ post here is meant primarily for LE. Don’t take this as me trying to be the guy telling LEOs how to do their job. I’m simply passing information along from SME and noted instructor, Craig Douglass of Shivworks. Douglas’ main point here is to be precise in your instructions. He also suggests emphasizing what you don’t want your subject to do. Having said all this, I find Douglas’ points to be applicable outside of LE as well.

I work in IT in the finance industry as my primary job and I also do contract work in other fields. When interacting with people, I find that precise language makes all the difference in the world in helping me help them solve their problem. Precise wording of the description of a problem makes diagnosing that problem and finding the solution faster and simpler.


Nope, nope, nope!


Yeah…Call me chicken. I’ve trained/shot with some truly excellent shooters over the years. And I even call some of them friends. Folks I would trust with my life…To a point. This is well beyond THAT point.

There’s no benefit to “training” like this. Not even stress inoculation. There is “bullshido” and then there is just plain stupid. This is the latter. One can argue, validly I might add, that what we do on a “square” range is nothing like being on a true “two-way” range. I don’t disagree. However, somewhere along the way, these guys have thrown good sense and necessary risk out the window.


That “bullshido” will get you killed

We’ve never been shy about telling people to get training above and beyond their basic CHL/LTC class. And it is just that, basic. As instructors, we only have 4-6 hours to impart a limited amount of information mandated by law but, that’s not all there is to carrying a gun. Personally, I am also a big advocate of training that goes beyond a gun. We all have our limitations but, as much as possible, I advocate learning some sort of unarmed defense technique and getting into shape.

Having said all that, beware of the “McDojo” teaching what some folks call “bulllshido.” These are often flashy techniques or systems that look cool on camera but, have no basis in the real world. And sometimes, it’s labeled under a better known discipline of martial arts and you’ll see instructors exhibiting what seems like some sort of Star Wars like “Force” over their students. The video above is a great example.

If the technique involves trying to imitate an actual flying monkey who then slithers on the ground to gain his footing, it might be bullshido. If the instructor exhibits what looks like a Star Wars like “Force” that sends people flying across the room or causes them to fall at the lightest touch, it might be bullshido. If the firearm disarm techniques resemble someone having convulsions or possibly masturbating with a firearm in a most obscene manner, it might be bullshido. And if they promise you can earn a black-belt in just a year or two when you’ve never trained in their given discipline before, it might be bullshido. A good place to learn will welcome your questions and the instructors will be willing to have honest and open discussions about what does and does not work as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the techniques being taught.


Pennsylvania Carry License holder charged in the murder of Bianca Roberson

That a road rage incident ended in a shooting is shocking enough. One can argue we shouldn’t be surprised but, the fact they still make the news proves they are exceedingly rare. Rarer still is the fact someone who holds a license to carry a handgun has been charged with murder and at first glance, it sounds like they should be.

Our justice system presumes innocence and we don’t yet know what led David Desper to his decision to shoot Bianca Roberson. But, by all accounts, this was just two people jockeying for position to merge into a single lane of traffic and Desper decided to end it by shooting Roberson. Desper’s single round hit Roberson in the head as she drove down the high way. She immediately lost conciousness, veered off the road, and her car struck a tree.  If this really is a shooting by a man who let his anger get the better of him, then Desper may go to jail for murder. It is honestly hard to imagine anything about the situation as described to justify Desper’s actions. There are no reports Roberson was armed or in any way manifested a threat rising to that level.

Desper turned himself in over the weekend. But not before running away from the scene and allegedly attempting to hide the truck he was driving at the time of the incident. Most consider this sort of “post offense” behavior to be indicative of recognition you knew what you did was wrong. That does not bode well for Desper. Neither he nor his attorney have made any statements so far so we’ll have to wait until the case goes to trial to see what he has to say about what happened. As it stands, one is grasping at straws to make sense of it.


Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan says he doesn’t believe the man accused of shooting and killing 18-year-old Bianca Roberson in a road-rage attack last week was motivated by race or hate. The victim is African American; the alleged killer, David Desper, 28, is white.

Source: Chesco DA: David Desper, 28, charged in ‘savage and senseless’ road-rage killing of Bianca Roberson, 18