GOTR20170625 Podcast

Jason was off doing cop stuff today so it was just Jeff and Gary for this segment. Just two guys in a closet, giving a bunch of love to Sig’s P320 series. The gun has surprised us and we like it a great deal more than expected. So much so, Jeff now owns two P320 and enjoys them more than his wife. Don’t tell her we said that.

GOTR20170603 Podcast

The boys were once again spread to the four winds for a couple weeks but, we had a special treat this week. Gregg Garrett, founder and owner of Comp-Tac Victory Gear was kind enough join us in studio this week. Gregg has forgotten more about guns and shooting than most of us will ever learn. He really is the most interesting man in the world.

GOTR20170514 Podcast

More shenanigans from the Brotherhood of the Spiral Tube. This week, we’ve fondled and shot the new Sig P320 X-Five. A full review of the X-Five is forth coming. We also got into discussions of the different variations of “THAT GUY” we’ve all met on the range and elsewhere. That and more on this week’s episode of GOTR.

GOTR20170430 Podcast

Yes, we were MIA again for a couple weeks but, the boys are back together again this week. Two weeks ago, Jason and Jeff were off frolicking in the Hill Country at Mazunga Ranch with friend of the show and Comp-Tact founder, Gregg Garrett. They regale us with their miss-adventures this week. All three of us also got some trigger time with FN’s new 509 service pistol and share our thoughts. And Jeff, well, Jeff has a rant about Springfield-Armory apparently being turncoats in Illinois.

Without further delay, the latest podcast is up!

GOTR20170409 Podcast

Three podcasts in four weeks. We might finally be getting into a groove again. Unfortunately there are some audio quality issues that we’re working on. But, we think the iTunes issues might finally be fixed. You might need to resubscribe from the iTunes store as it seems the folks who run the iTunes store removed us. Hence, a bunch of you weren’t getting updates or able to see new podcasts.

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