GOTR20170709 Podcast

Back in “studio” this week. Yes, we still like Sig but, at best, we’re cautiously optimistic about one of their newest releases, the MCX Virtus, a new version of the MCX which, at present, does not seem to be in anyway backward compatible with previous MCX versions. We also have had a chance to fondle two new CZ products, the P-10 and Shadow 2. While we didn’t get to shoot the P-10 until after the show, our initial impression isn’t wrong…Seems a lot like a Czech Glock 19. That and more in this weeks GOTR.

Pennsylvania Carry License holder charged in the murder of Bianca Roberson

That a road rage incident ended in a shooting is shocking enough. One can argue we shouldn’t be surprised but, the fact they still make the news proves they are exceedingly rare. Rarer still is the fact someone who holds a license to carry a handgun has been charged with murder and at first glance, it sounds like they should be.

Our justice system presumes innocence and we don’t yet know what led David Desper to his decision to shoot Bianca Roberson. But, by all accounts, this was just two people jockeying for position to merge into a single lane of traffic and Desper decided to end it by shooting Roberson. Desper’s single round hit Roberson in the head as she drove down the high way. She immediately lost conciousness, veered off the road, and her car struck a tree.  If this really is a shooting by a man who let his anger get the better of him, then Desper may go to jail for murder. It is honestly hard to imagine anything about the situation as described to justify Desper’s actions. There are no reports Roberson was armed or in any way manifested a threat rising to that level.

Desper turned himself in over the weekend. But not before running away from the scene and allegedly attempting to hide the truck he was driving at the time of the incident. Most consider this sort of “post offense” behavior to be indicative of recognition you knew what you did was wrong. That does not bode well for Desper. Neither he nor his attorney have made any statements so far so we’ll have to wait until the case goes to trial to see what he has to say about what happened. As it stands, one is grasping at straws to make sense of it.


Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan says he doesn’t believe the man accused of shooting and killing 18-year-old Bianca Roberson in a road-rage attack last week was motivated by race or hate. The victim is African American; the alleged killer, David Desper, 28, is white.

Source: Chesco DA: David Desper, 28, charged in ‘savage and senseless’ road-rage killing of Bianca Roberson, 18

GOTR20170702 Podcast

All three of the guys are back together this week. And after being out of action for a few weeks, Jason apparently lost his mind. He decided to make himself a holster for a Beretta Pico. While it’s taken a while to get around to looking at it, we’ve all finally seen the Ruger American. Let us save you some time…Pass. And Remington is also experiencing some insanity with their new “Ultimate Sheep Rifle.” Not sure we’ll ever get to test it at it’s current $5,900 MSRP.


GOTR20170625 Podcast

Jason was off doing cop stuff today so it was just Jeff and Gary for this segment. Just two guys in a closet, giving a bunch of love to Sig’s P320 series. The gun has surprised us and we like it a great deal more than expected. So much so, Jeff now owns two P320 and enjoys them more than his wife. Don’t tell her we said that.

Creative editing by Comedy Central misrepresents PatMac

So the results are in. Pat McNamara appeared on a recent Primary and Secondary Modcast in which he answered direct questions about what was and wasn’t said. Put down the pitch forks, put out the fires, and stop calling the man names. We’ve said before, we have no reason not to believe McNamara and every reason not to believe Comedy Central. McNamara says the video is indeed heavily edited. So let’s address those two inflammatory quotes. It’s all covered in the P&S video if you want to check it out. Warning, it’s the better part of 4 hours long. But we’ll give you the short summary after the jump.

McNamara said in no uncertain terms he does not support universal background checks or waiting periods. He is adamant about his support for the 2nd Amendment and the NRA. What happened, and we’re paraphrasing here, is McNamara was asked one question and then another. Klepper basically switches things up, asking the same question in different ways or asking nuanced but related questions. The editing takes McNamara’s answer to one  question as his answer to another. For example. Klepper ask, “What do you think about universal background checks?” McNamara replied, “…what do you mean?” Klepper then rephrased the question to ,”What do you think about people who believe in universal background checks?” McNamara says, in response to that second question, “I don’t have a problem with them…,” Que the Comedy Central cut that suggests McNamara supports univeral background checks. So it appears the McNamara is, as many of us suspected, the victim of selective editing from a show by liberal media with a liberal agenda to “prove” that gun owners and liberals aren’t really in disagreement with each other.

One could argue McNamara should have known better. But McNamara, to his credit, went into this with his eyes open. What he tried to do was represent gun owners in the best possible light. To represent us as the professional that he, more than most, has been for over twenty years. He admits to making mistakes and at one point, being “lazy.” But, who among us is perfect? At the end of the day, one of the problems highlighted by this whole mess is the collective tendency of people to eat their own when we find the slightest hunt of disagreement/theological impurity among our perceived brethren. Fact is, we’re not all going to agree on every single pro-gun talking point. We’ve got to figure out how to live with each other on those issues if we’re going to have any chance or preserving the fundamental rights we all claim to want to protect.