NRA, GOA, and C2AA Support Push for Ukrainian 2nd Amendment

NRA, GOA, and C2AA Support Push for Ukrainian 2nd Amendment.

If you believe the history books, America learned this lesson between 1775 and 1783. Yet there are those who are bound and determined to make us more like Europe so we can learn the lesson all over again. Many argue that no one fears the government…I’d argue those who don’t aren’t paying attention. Many argue the militia is the National Guard and it is armed by the Federal government…I’d argue the PEOPLE are the militia and the National Guard is simply an extension of the government’s standing army. Many argue that bearing arms was never intended to be an individual right, but that of the collective…I’d argue that were that the case, the same would be true of the remainder of the Bill of Rights but no one believes the 1st Amendment is anything but an individual right.

Whether it’s the Ukraine, Venezuela, or even China, everyday we see examples of what happens when the State has a monopoly on the use of force against the people. If you think the National Guard will defend you against a government run a muck, you may be in for a surprise. And for the record, the bulk of the UN’s muscle used to save the lives of people being killed by their government for the last 69 years has been supplied by the United States…There is no other nation capable of coming to the rescue of Americans, let alone willing, if the roles were reversed. Vote wisely.