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If you repeat a lie often enough, eventually people believe it. Make no mistake, gun ownership is actually on the rise. Women make up the fastest growing group of gun owners and minorities of every stripe are also taking up guns. But given the tendency of left leaning pollsters (like those from National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago) and the media in general to vilify gun owners, could it be that we’re seeing, not so much a decline in gun ownership but, a decline in the number of people willing to give away that information to these people? Or might it be that their “sample” is limited to a specific demographic group or geographic region?


A major U.S. trend survey finds that the number of Americans who live in a household with at least one gun is lower than it’s ever been. That decline is paralleled by a reduction in the number of Americans who hunt.

According to the latest General Social Survey, 32 percent of Americans either own a firearm themselves or live with someone who does, which ties a record low set in 2010. That’s a significant decline since the late 1970s and early 1980s, when about half of Americans reported a gun in their household.

The drop is probably linked with a decline in the popularity of hunting, from 32 percent who lived in a household with at least one hunter in 1977 to less than half that number saying so now.

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Americans now agree: Guns make homes safer by Andrew Malcolm –

Gallup, which has been surveying the politically volatile question for a generation, announced this morning a new poll revealing that nearly two-out-of-three Americans (63%) now say having a firearm there makes a home safer.

That’s nearly twice the number who said that just before 9/11.

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I’m sure the article quoted above will elicit some hate from the left but, Investors Business Daily isn’t exactly a bastion of conservatism. Lefties with no job might disagree but, the paper is aligned with Yahoo and ABC News, providing both with business and investment industry specific news. Hard to imagine they would spin anything in favor of guns but, here it is.

More specifically, the poll indicates that since August of 2000, the percentage of respondents who think having a gun in the home make their home safer has nearly doubled from 35% to 63% while the number arguing that guns in the home made it more dangerous fell from 51% to 30% over the same time period.

Americans now agree: Guns make homes safer by Andrew Malcolm -

While Gallup and other polls may say gun ownership is on the decline, it seems a majority hold an opinion that stands in conflict with such polls. Given that people like Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg, Diane Feinstein and others have openly stated they would confiscate all guns from civilian ownership given the chance, it seems more likely that folks just aren’t necessarily willing to admit to owning guns. At the end of the day, there is research available to support just about any point of view and when it comes to politics, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.


Study finds racism, gun ownership linked in U.S. – Houston Chronicle

Yup, you read that headline right and I’m not really sure if I can bash my head against the desk hard enough to make sense of this one. According to this study, I am the most racist, self-hating man walking the planet. Why? Researchers who don’t even live in the U.S. (they’re from the United Kingdom and Australia) have determined…

“…”symbolic” racism, or racial resentment, was significantly related to having a gun in the home, after adjusting for other variables.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I do hate people. All kinds in fact. Black, white, yellow, brown, red, green, especially those purple sons of bitches with the green dots everywhere that just isn’t right. But I don’t hate them or get nervous around them or about them because of their race. I don’t own guns because I fear blacks, whites, or anyone else. I fear no man, period. I don’t use politically correct code words like “ethnic” to refer to everyone who isn’t white or call anyone who is white a “creepy ass cracka” even if they are from Florida or Georgia and happen to be a little creepy.

No, it’s the stupid I hate and it’s stupid I fear. Stupid people come up with stupid theories and then concoct statistics to back them up. Stupid people sometimes lead to stupid laws being passed or worse, stupid riots that get people killed. So it’s not race that concerns me…It’s stupidity. Right now, there are some idiots publishing stupidity in the UK and Australia…I hate them for being stupid. You can read the full article at the link below. Hold your nose…They’ve piled the bovine excrement pretty high and deep.

Study finds racism, gun ownership linked in U.S. – Houston Chronicle.