How secure is your gun safe? Your 3-year-old might be able to crack it!

We don’t talk about securing our firearms nearly as much as we talk about buying, trading, selling, shooting them. But, I came across a July 2012 article from Forbes Magazine that is well worth a read. You can find the article here. In it, the author finds a disturbing number of well known, but cheap safes cannot thwart a three-year-old from gaining unauthorized access to a firearm.

Folks, you may or may not have heard us say this before but, don’t skimp on your gun safe. I won’t go so far as to dictate a brand/type but, I will suggest that you make sure the safe you buy is actually UL listed as a residential security container. This means the following timed tests were performed by professional safe crackers hired by United Laboratories who, prior to testing, are given the actual engineering drawings for the safe:

  • The first test is done by drilling the lock’s tumblers attempting to make the lock act as if the combination was dialed.
  • The second test is to pry the dial off and knock out the lock tumblers through the lock’s back plate permitting the locking bolt to retract.
  • The third test attempts to punch in the handle shaft to push out the cam/gear mechanism in order to bypass the lock.
  • And the fourth test is to cut a hole in the side of the safe body and attempt to side punch the locking bolts to break the lock or mechanism.