New Gun Laws Had No Impact on Arapahoe HS Shooting but, an armed responder on campus did.

“So things like universal background checks, I think they are going to make us safer, but in this specific case aren’t going to make a difference at all,” said Hickenlooper. via The Colorado Observer.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and others of his ilk have had to publicly admit something freedom advocates have said all along…Gun control doesn’t work to prevent tragedies like the Arapahoe High School shooting. In fact, economists Steve Levitt (co-author of Freakonomics) and John Lott (author of More Guns, Less Crime), have both consistently noted none of the gun control measures pushed by the left will do anything to stop crime or prevent mass shootings. Even the President has had to admit this, albeit with his usual spin saying, “As a nation, we can’t stop every act of violence…” but, still decreeing, “…, we must make a change.” As it happens, changes have been made that actually do help and none of them have anything to do with gun control.

Though left-leaning outlets like CNN have consistently failed to report it, the official press releases from the school district and responding agencies all indicate that this tragedy ended abruptly when the bad guy was confronted by an armed resource officer assigned to the Arapahoe High School campus. When Wayne La Pierre and the NRA suggested this very thing following the Sandy Hook massacre, the left predictably went into overdrive saying it was absolutely crazy and spinning the suggestion into arming teachers which they said was even more insane.

Well, it would seem that neither idea, that of an armed-responder on campus nor the armed-teacher, is quite as crazy as the left would have you believe.  Because there was an armed staff member on campus, the entire Arapahoe High School shooting was over in 80 seconds. When met with an armed response, the shooter turned the gun on himself. News reports all indicate the police responded “within minutes” but, the official word is “minutes” means 14 minutes to be exact. The shooting had been over for twelve minutes before the first officers arrived. As the old saying goes, “when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.” Still, Hickenlooper insists that even though the new gun control laws didn’t work this time, they’ll work eventually.



Colorado State Sen. Evie Hudak, faced with recall, tucks her tail and is set to resign…

“By resigning I am protecting these important new laws for the good of Colorado and ensuring that we can continue looking forward,” Hudak wrote in her resignation letter in regard to her gun votes, which led to the recall effort.

via State Sen. Evie Hudak, faced with recall, to resign – The Denver Post.

Hudak is just the latest Colorado legislator facing recall, largely as fallout from the recent gun control power grab in the wake of Sandy Hook.  But true to her rotten core and the nature of politicians in general, Hudak isn’t doing this out of the goodness of her heart. She very plainly states, “”By resigning I am protecting these important new laws for the good of Colorado and ensuring that we can continue looking forward…”

In other words, she knew the people of Colorado wanted her head and were going to get it.  But, to protect her party’s majority and keep the laws they’ve enacted against the people’s will, she’s resigning so Governor John Hickenlooper can appoint the Democrat of his (and likely Michael Bloomberg’s) choosing to hold onto the seat through the next election cycle. It is still a victory but, it is clear the writing is on the wall. Democrats and the Californian interlopers who occupy Colorado have pissed off the natives. Colorado had started turning purple of late but, it’s might just go red again.\