Moms Demand Action buys spot in the Houston Comical, I mean Chronicle, to assault Kroger.

Screenshot from 2014-09-04 13:05:07It’s been making the rounds that Moms Demand Action has been trying to shame Kroger into adopting policies that MDA/Watts/Bloomberg find appealing. Specifcally, banning guns from Kroger stores. Kroger, to their credit, has thus far said, in a nutshell, “Our business, our decision, we don’t need your advice, we’re here to sell groceries…Please move along.” Well in the last few days, it seems Bloomberg, Watts and the gang have kicked their campaign into high gear, buying ad space with publications in areas served by Kroger.  I could be wrong but, I suspect Kroger will leave things as they are so long as no one “shows their appreciation” by staging a scene to “educate the rest of us” on our rights.