Right-To-Carry Gun Laws Linked To Rise In Violent Crimes

he new findings suggest that right-to-carry laws are “associated with substantially higher rates” of aggravated assault, rape and robbery, Stanford law professor John J. Donohue III, one of the study‚Äôs three authors, explained in a press release on Friday. Stanford law student Abhay Aneja and Johns Hopkins doctoral student Alexandria Zhang co-authored the report.

via Right-To-Carry Gun Laws Linked To Rise In Violent Crimes: Study.

It’s from the Huffington Post so no surprises here. As the saying goes, there’s lies, damn lies, and then there are studies made up to prove a point of view in direct contrast to that bastion of “pro-gun” data sources, the Federal Bureau of Investigations…

FBI Crime by Numbers


I was wrong about the Second Amendment: Why my view of guns totally changed – Salon.com


Be warned, reading this will infuriate you. This man never supported the Second Amendment. But, it’s salon.com, a liberal rag if ever there was one. Still it is interesting they claim he once supported the 2nd Amendment to justify his assault of it.