New York Director of Homeland Security execises stupidity beyond words.

I briefly read a headline about this incident earlier today but thought, surely it was a missprint or misunderstanding of the facts. I was wrong.

Jerome M. Hauer, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s director of homeland security, took out his handgun and used the laser sighting device attached to the barrel as a pointer in a presentation to a foreign delegation, according to public officials.

via Ready … aim … point … talk – Times Union.

As a friend put it, perhaps the reason these people are in such a rush to take away private citizen’s guns is because they themselves can’t be trusted to use them properly either. I mean, in just one day on August 24, 2012, NYPD was responsible for shooting 10 out of 11 people shot in connection with a workplpace violence indicent and only one of the people shot was the bad guy! Between Hauer and the NYPD, New York is NOT the place to be!