GOTR20170402 Podcast

Shockingly, we managed another podcast in less than a month. I’ll apologize now for the technical issues we seem to be having with iTunes. I am admittedly not a big “mac” or iTunes user but, the problem seems to center around the issuance of a new SSL cert for the site. I’ll get it figured it out as soon as possible.

Anyway, this week get into two dissimilar defensive shootings. One, as good as it can be. A textbook example of doing it right. The son of a homeowner defends himself, makes a perfect 911 call, and goes no further than necessary and the law allows. The other, well, it’s a “fuster-cluck.” Just about everything that could be done wrong is wrong and it ends with the “hero” in jail.


GOTR20170312 Podcast

What? You thought we were joking? Yes, it’s real. We really did get the gang together again. And we actually recorded a podcast!

Yes, it has been six months since the last podcast. It was no easy task to get everyone together. Seems like every time we thought we might record, something went wrong. But today, all the stars were aligned and managed to bang out a new episode.


GOTR20160828 Podcast

Yes, we finally got together for another podcast. That said, we managed to get right back into the groove discussing things that turn money into noise. Among today’s topics: finding a handgun for elderly shooters; the new LWRC-DI M6IC, direct impingement rifle; Trijicon’s Accupoint 1-6×24 scope; Sig’s ROMEO red-dot; and the Taurus Curve that Jeff can’t give away.


GOTR20160717 Podcast

Baton Rouge was happening as we got started recording today’s podcast. We cannot say often enough that one way or another, we all need to find a way to heal and find answers together or we are destined to fail as a country.

GOTR20160710 Podcast

Oh look, second week in row. We might even get to record again next week. Yes, you read that right. We’ve got another podcast up.