GOTR20160710 Podcast

Oh look, second week in row. We might even get to record again next week. Yes, you read that right. We’ve got another podcast up.

GOTR20160703 Podcast

Took longer than expected but, we got in another podcast. This one will run a half hour longer than usual. We did this in part, because it’s been so long and so much has happened since we last got the gang together. Everything from Orlando, to Shiloh/Jeff making national, even international news for offering classes, to the LGBT community, Kommiefornia’s “gunmageddon,” and more on this edition of GOTR.


Update: If you’re having trouble getting to the podcast, you can get it directly at this address…

GOTR20160605 Podcast

After months of being spread to the four winds, we’ve once again managed to get the band together again. We want to thank all of your for your patience and support. We’re doing our best to get back in the saddle and return to regularly recording shows going forward. For now, enjoy this long awaited edition of the GOTR Podcast!


GOTR20160207 Podcast

Life keeps getting in the way of us getting back to a normal schedule but, we got the gang together again. Gary discovered an old Winchester Model 97 12gauge shotgun and Universal M1 Carbine among his late father’s belongings. Minor correction…The 97 is NOT downward ejecting but, it IS slam fire capable!



GOTR20160124 Podcast

Today’s podcast is up! Folks, this week, we heard another story of a kid shooting himself with an unsecured firearm. Statistically, kids accidentally shooting themselves is rare but, that doesn’t mean any of us should be comfortable with it happening. Secure your firearms! We answered an important user question about his apartment complex posting 30.07 signs and asking tenants to sign an addendum to their lease contracts. And among oddities we discovered this week, Jason found out “Eddie Haskell” of “Leave It To Beaver” fame later became an LAPD solo/motor officer who served the department for 18 years. Who knew?