Anthony Bourdain, “…I think I should have as many guns as I like.”

Admitted a “socialist sympathizer, leftie, liberal New Yorker,” Anthony Bourdain had a few things to say about guns on Tumblr today. Folks I don’t pretend to know this many from a hill of beans but, I recognize him as a prominent face in popular culture. A person of influence on the minds of many whose opinions are formed based on what their favorite celebrity of the week is thinking. ¬†And while I usually don’t care what such people think, whenever the subject of guns comes up, I am keen to hear what they have to say because I cannot refute bullshit if I don’t know what’s been said. In this case, I was a little surprised. Somewhat pleasantly even.

Now, I’m not saying Bourdain is or will be a card carrying member of the NRA, GOA, or SOF anytime soon. I do not agree with his attempt to liken guns or the ability to own/operate them to the licensing or purchasing of a “sixteen wheeler.” (Figures a New Yorker wouldn’t know it’s 18-wheels but, that’s another story). But, I did find it refreshing to see that unlike so many lefties, he at least was not on the bandwagon of castigating all gun owners and claiming that the latest tragedy is the fault of gun owners and/or the NRA as so many lefties, especially in the news and entertainment industries, tend to do.

Listening to Bourdain, I am reminded of the kind of people who used to identify themselves a liberals and Democrats and yet are seldom seen anymore. Those aren’t hell bent on taking away other people’s rights. The man obviously still has some leftie ideas with respect to knowing more about me before “allowing” me to exercise my rights but, it seems he at least recognize the right exists and that’s more than I can say for our President or his lackeys.