American Rifleman: “We Don’t Publish Negative Reviews” | The Truth About Guns

This really should come as no surprise but, few gun magazines or websites ever publish bad reviews of guns or other equipment. Nick Leghorne of The Truth About Guns recently interviewed for a position with American Rifleman magazine and it was a significant learning experience for him.

American Rifleman magazine is printed on dead trees and mailed to subscribers. Every extra page (well, four pages actually) costs tens of thousands of dollars to print and ship. With such a steep price, any additional information printed on those pages has to be worth the expense. And in the minds of the American Rifleman staff, negative reviews don’t count as “worth it.”

via American Rifleman: “We Don’t Publish Negative Reviews” | The Truth About Guns.

Like I said, this really should not come as a surprise to anyone. It is perhaps the worst kept secret of 99% of gun publications…the articles/reviews are just filler to put between the ads that actually pay for the publication. A bad gun review assures loss of the related revenue as well as removal from the manufacturer’s T&E list which means the cost of doing such reviews is that much more expensive as you’ll have to actually buy the items you’re reviewing rather than testing them and sending them back to the manufacturer.