Chicago abolishes gun registry in place since 1968…and the planet cracked.

Read that headline again…Chicago just abolished their gun registry. Seriously, that really just happened. In Obama’s “hometown”…Rahm Emanuel and all. Now the reality is, they really had no choice.  This was not an act done because they suddenly felt like doing the right thing. There was no sudden revelation in which they recognized the 2nd Amendment as an individual right of the people.  In fact, their hands were forced by successive court rulings and legislative changes over the past five years.

For Chicago, the cookie really began to crumble with the 2008 Heller V DC decision in which the Supreme Court of the United States finally ruled definitively that the 2nd Amendment guaranteed (not granted) an individual right to keep and bear arms.  With that, Chicago’s long standing ban on handguns was an obvious target.  Fast forward to 2010 and SCOTUS made it clear that every city and state must recognize the 2nd Amendment. And the hits just kept on rolling in from there as Illinois’ ban on concealed carry was ruled unconstitutional in 2012.  Today’s vote in Chicago is merely the final nail in the coffin.

As a result, Democrats and liberals are stinging from this latest defeat after last night’s unexpected recall victory against Democratic legislators in Colorado who’d supported the state’s latest gun “reforms.”  Interestingly enough, before being defeated last night, Angela Giron herself was quote saying, “For Mayors Against Illegal Guns, if they lose even one of these seats, they might as well fold it up. And they understand that…” Well, it seems they are batting .000 in last night’s recall vote. May the ball keep rolling to the right.


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