Lost gun store fight costs Chicago taxpayers nearly $1 million | Early & Often

“…The first blow came on Jan. 6 when a federal judge ruled the city’s longtime ban on gun stores was unconstitutional.

On Thursday, the second blow landed when the judge approved $940,000 in legal fees that the city must pay to the attorneys who challenged the ban. Charles J. Cooper, one of those plaintiffs’ attorneys, charged $975 an hour for his work….”

via Lost gun store fight costs Chicago taxpayers nearly $1 million | Early & Often.

I’m not exactly feeling sorry for Chicago on this one.


Chicago’s criminals are its biggest gun-control advocates

Not that it’s much of a surprise but, criminals, especially rapists, robbers, and murderers, love gun-control. The idea of keeping guns out of the hands of citizens makes the criiminals’ lives that much easier. What’s funny is, in Chicago, they don’t even try to hide it. They are prominent members of the gun-control groups like Mr. Richard Hernandez. Hernandez is just the latest member of an anti-gun group out of Chicago to be busted for assault, rape, or murder. But, he’s no lightweight. he’s facing 36 counts for sexual assault and kidnapping!


On the streets, Richard Hernandez was supposed to stop violence as an “interrupter” in the celebrated CeaseFire program.

But Chicago cops have another name for him: rapist.

Hernandez faces 36 counts charging him with sexually assaulting and kidnapping a teenage girl while he worked for the program, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned. He’s among at least nine employees of the anti-violence program to face serious criminal charges in recent years.

via Crime fighter and rapist? CeaseFire worker charged in attacks on teen – Chicago Sun-Times.

Yup. Rahm Emmanuel and the President have that city all sewn up! Great example of the wonderful benefits of some of the strictest firearms laws in the country.


Well that didn’t take long…Chicago has it’s first concealed carry permit arrest.

The state police have revoked O’Connell’s permit based on a provision of the concealed carry law that says permit holders can’t be the subject of a “proceeding for an offense or action that could lead to disqualification to own or possess a firearm,” said Monique Bond, a spokeswoman for the agency.

via NW Side man is first concealed carry permit holder arrested in Chicago – Chicago Sun-Times.


As much as I hated Chicago’s gun laws, this does us no favors and as expected, the mainstream media is all over it.  It would be interesting to know why Mr. O’Connell felt the need to pull a gun in a dispute over rent money. There may be more to it. I hope there’s more to it. There really needs to be more to it. Otherwise, Mr. O’Connell is living proof that for every stupid rule/law, there was some idiot who made it necessary.


Citing shootings, Obama says must ‘go back at’ gun-control push – Yahoo News

Same $#it, different day…Pardon my French. The President has announced his intention to redouble his gun-control efforts. Never mind that most of this country’s most tragic multiple shootings have a disturbing tendency to happen, more often than not, in jurisdictions with all the restrictions and bans the President, the Brady Campaign, and others demand while simultaneously claiming to respect the 2nd Amendment. The fact is, they’ll never be “happy” until all guns are banned so they can turn their attention to your thoughts, Oh wait, they are already trying to control your thoughts and redefine the First Amendment as a privilege only for those they believe worthy..

Citing shootings, Obama says must ‘go back at’ gun-control push – Yahoo News


Boy, 3, among 13 injured in Chicago park shooting – Yahoo News

From the city that brought us hope and change and, even with it’s recent decision to eliminate the city’s firearms registry, still has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet another night of violence that curiously doesn’t seem to happen with quite the same frequency in “free states.”  This time, a three-year-old boy is among 13 injured in a shooting at a Chicago park.

Like New York, Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, and even Houston, Chicago has a violence problem.  But Chicago’s issues are demonstrably worse than most and has been in spite of what were some of the most restrictive firearms laws in the country.  They are in fact, the leader in total murders in the United States and there is no sign they are slowing down any time soon. Yet, in spite of overwhelming evidence that their anti-gun policies aren’t helping, we’ll see yet another call for even more gun control.

Democrats throughout the state claim that blood will run in the streets as a result of court rulings and new laws allowing concealed carry and other freedoms.  But here’s a news flash, blood has been running in the streets of Chicago since the 1930s. Banning guns, even the National Firearms Act, attempting to ban/register the “Chicago Typewriter”, didn’t help. Curiously, the surrounding areas, where people can own guns with a great deal more freedom, are actually pretty peaceful. Seems like the old saying that an armed society is a polite society rings true every time.