GOTR20140810 Podcast

Today’s podcast is up. Discussed Tuffy Security Products for securing guns in your vehicle and vehicle security in general with respect to storing and transporting guns. Some of you may remember I installed one of their lock boxes in my own F-150 Raptor. Also we touched on several retention holster options from Galco and Safariland (let me save you some time…Safariland for the win!). And last but not least, we touched on issues surrounding the recent Ohio shooting of a man in Walmart who was holding what turned out to be an air-rifle/pellet gun in a section of the store that sells said “gun” after 911 calls reporting a “man with a gun.”

Gear Review: Tuffy F-150 Under Rear Seat Lockbox

Gary checking in. I imagine there are at least a few of our listeners who may be driving 2009+ Ford F-150s…This is Texas, after all. Tuffy Security Products now makes a locking storage container specific to the 2009+ F-150 in SuperCab or SuperCrew trim. Tuffy built a name making secure containers for the various incarnations of the ubiquitous “Jeep” from the old CJ to the modern JK which are notorious targets for vehicular burglary in open-top or rag-top trim. If you’re looking to secure items in your vehicle, their products are well worth consideration. I recently installed one of their units in my own F-150.

The unit installs with simple tools in 30 minutes or less. There’s an optional security bolt that makes the installation semi permanent (recommended) but, it’s designed for tool-less removal inless than a minute.  So long as it’s locked, no one is getting in or pulling it out of the truck without a pry-bar, torch, or cutting wheel. Nothing is theft-proof but, you certainly can make getting at your stuff difficult enough that a thief may decide there is easier access to items to be had in another vehicle. Of course, if they take the whole truck, all bets are off.

As mentioned earlier, I installed the “short” version of this unit in my own F-150 (with factory subwoofer) in less than 30 minutes.  I found that it is still long enough to fit some serious kit, including a rifle or shotgun and ancillary items.  If you’re driving a 2009+ F-150, check out their under seat security lockbox for the F-150 or checkout some of their many other products for Jeeps and other vehicles. Everything they make is reasonably priced and most are designed to be installed without drilling/cutting your vehicle so you can always return it to stock or transfer it to another vehicle if room exists. Check their site at