Taurus announces the Curve

From Taurus USA:

The world’s first and only curved firearm engineered to fit the unique contours of your body, Taurus Curve™ is one ultra-comfortable, ultra-reliable personal defense handgun.

Your body has curves, so why aren’t pistols shaped to match? That’s precisely the question our engineering team challenged themselves to answer-and the results are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Introducing the Taurus Curve™, the world’s first and only curved firearm. Engineered to fit the unique contours of your body with no visible printing, the Curve is easily one of the most groundbreaking firearms ever conceived. An extreme departure from your typical compact .380, you’ll find the Curve takes form and function to an entirely unprecedented level. With its patented, snag-free design, the Curve boasts the industry’s first-ever light and laser built right into the frame. Exceptionally accurate and extremely lightweight at just 10.2 ounces, the Curve is one ultra-comfortable, ultra-reliable personal defense handgun.

via Taurus International Manufacturing Inc.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been hearing about this gun since 2013. A friend even had an early prototype in his shop last year but, couldn’t show it to me because of a disclosure agreement. He said it would have everyone thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that!” I still say, “meh.” We’ll see. It is a Taurus after all. But, they’ve got a new CEO and a new direction…They fired the old one, Mark Kresser, apparently for being honest and admitting to the company’s spotty quality control and designs. Time will tell where this goes. But I sure hope they remember make one of lefties. But as it stands, they’ve apparently given up on the concept of an ambidextrous gun.


Gear Review: Tuffy F-150 Under Rear Seat Lockbox

Gary checking in. I imagine there are at least a few of our listeners who may be driving 2009+ Ford F-150s…This is Texas, after all. Tuffy Security Products now makes a locking storage container specific to the 2009+ F-150 in SuperCab or SuperCrew trim. Tuffy built a name making secure containers for the various incarnations of the ubiquitous “Jeep” from the old CJ to the modern JK which are notorious targets for vehicular burglary in open-top or rag-top trim. If you’re looking to secure items in your vehicle, their products are well worth consideration. I recently installed one of their units in my own F-150.

The unit installs with simple tools in 30 minutes or less. There’s an optional security bolt that makes the installation semi permanent (recommended) but, it’s designed for tool-less removal inless than a minute.  So long as it’s locked, no one is getting in or pulling it out of the truck without a pry-bar, torch, or cutting wheel. Nothing is theft-proof but, you certainly can make getting at your stuff difficult enough that a thief may decide there is easier access to items to be had in another vehicle. Of course, if they take the whole truck, all bets are off.

As mentioned earlier, I installed the “short” version of this unit in my own F-150 (with factory subwoofer) in less than 30 minutes.  I found that it is still long enough to fit some serious kit, including a rifle or shotgun and ancillary items.  If you’re driving a 2009+ F-150, check out their under seat security lockbox for the F-150 or checkout some of their many other products for Jeeps and other vehicles. Everything they make is reasonably priced and most are designed to be installed without drilling/cutting your vehicle so you can always return it to stock or transfer it to another vehicle if room exists. Check their site at tuffyproducts.com.


Updated: New Glock pistols are coming…

So by now, it should be well known that the two newest Glock models were in fact known as the Glock 41 and 42. The 41 was the .45 caliber pistol we all expected and Jeff has had a chance to shoot it and the .380ACP Glock 42 just this past week. Being a .380, the 42 turns out to be a bit of a let down for most of us. It’s the gun almost no one asked for and Glock has taken quite a bit of ribbing for it. Time will tell though. We’d heard from someone with earlier production models in hand that the .380 was the “mythical” Glock 40 but, it could be that Glock is going to skip that number altogether.


Rumors have been swirling for months. There are even alleged pictures floating around on the Internet. It has long been said that new Glock pistols are coming. Well, this week, we’ve seen multiple industry sources indicating that Glock will announce at least two, possibly three new pistols around the time of the upcoming SHOT Show in Vegas.

The first, expected to be the Glock 40, is supposed to be Glock’s answer to the Smith&Wesson M&P Shield. It’s a modified single-column, sub-compact pistol. Word is it’s chambered in .380ACP. That’s a bit of a disappointment to some of us and comes up a little short as an answer to the Shield which can be had in 9x19mm or .40S&W. Previous Glock .380ACP pistols have been LE only in the United States due to import restrictions so it may be that the Glock 40 will be among the Glocks now being produced inside the US.

The second Glock, expected to be the Glock 41, is a stretched Glock 21SF designed to fit in the International Defensive Pistol Association’s “box.” In other words it is Glock’s new CDP (Custom Defensive Pistol) division gun, bringing to market a .45ACP equivalent to the Glock 34/35 that were introduced fifteen years ago.  The longer sight radius would give this gun a slight edge over the 1911/2011 that has dominated in CDP for years.

No word yet on what, if anything will come of the Glock 42. It could be a direct competitor to the Shield in 9/40 where as the Glock 40 has already been confirmed for the most part to be a .380ACP pistol.  Or it could be the mythical Glock Carbine rather than a pistol. Or it could just be vapor fueled by nothing more than rumor. We don’t know. Time will tell.