22 June 2014 Podcast

The June 22, 2014 podcast is up. Special thanks to Mr. Charles Cotton of the Texas Firearms Coalition and National Rifle Association Board of Directors for joining us in studio today. We would also like to thank for Mr. Terry Holcomb and CJ Grisham for calling into today’s discussion on open carry.

Charles Cotton joins us in studio today, 5pm – 7pm on KSEV am 700

Last week, Terry Holcomb, Executive Director of Texas Carry was kind enough to join us to discuss the real reasons behind recent Open Carry demonstrations in Texas. Whether we agree with their methods or not, the one thing that became abundantly clear in our discussion with Mr. Holcomb is that the real reason and message behind the Open Carry protests have been lost through the mainstream media coverage. Worse, there are folks playing into the mainstream media’s hands exercising their rights in poor taste. But Mr. Holcomb also challenged the Texas State Rifle Association for their advocacy for the 2nd Amendment in Texas and their commitment to securing the rights of Texans to keep and bear arms. So with that said, Charles Cotton has agreed to join us in studio to offer a different perspective on the Open Carry protests and the debate with regard to the practice in general.


15 June 2014 Podcast

The 15 June 2014 Podcast is up! We’d again like to thank Terry Holcomb, Executive Director of Texas Carry, for joining us in studio today. We learned quite a bit about the Open Carry movement that isn’t being covered by the mainstream media and unfortunately, has been lost (in part) through the actions of a few “liberty drunk” individuals. Do tune in next week as we’ll have none other than Charles Cotton of the Texas State Rifle Association to give another side of this discussion.