GOTR20150614 Podcast

Podcast is up! We’ve all had a little more time with the Arsenal Strike One and now, the Arsenal AF2011-A1 among other guns. Shiloh has also taken in Ruger’s new bargain priced 9E and we’ve had a chance to examine the Walther CCP as well.

GOTR20150118 Podcast

Today’s podcast is up! Gary’s saga with the FN SLP comes to a relatively happy ending. The Truth About Guns did a simulation of the Charlie Hebdo attack. Jeff got to fondle/shoot the double barrel, Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1. And of course, there’s all the controversy to be discussed between the Sig Brace opinion from the BATFE and the Open Carry Tarrant County “protests” that have lead to the Texas House approving panic buttons after being made nervous by the actions of one Kory Watkins.