Chrissy Teigen thought all of Twitter was anti-gun…Wrong!


So Chrissy Teigen opens takes to Twitter to express an opinion about a tragedy in Canada and throws in a dig against the United States in the process. Hey, that’s her right. And I don’t think any of us likes it when these things happen.  But, did she really think there wouldn’t be at least one person who might not take it well?

Yup. Sucks to find out not everyone agrees with you.

I will submit that some folks really reacted poorly. Of this, I am anything but proud. But there are vile people in the world and surely by now, you’ve seen others get treated similarly for what they’ve done or said.

Not sure why you should feel sick but, talents? What talents? Please don’t fool yourself into thinking anyone appreciates you because of your “talents.” Your career and your sole contribution to the world thus far is defined by nothing more than being pretty. Don’t get me wrong, there are many women in the world who have accomplished a great deal and improved the world through very real talents, knowledge, and skill. You are not among them. That said, I’m sure plenty of folks will enjoy seeing your “talents” on Instagram.