Failure to follow lawful commands can be deadly

I’m having a hard time feeling sympathy for the deceased in this case.  The family can debate in ignorance if they like but, folks, when an officer says “let me see your hands,” that is NOT the time to start getting cute or deciding demonstrating your complete lack of understanding of the law.  This officer apparently gave the orders in both English and Spanish but, the decedent decided he didn’t have to show his hands and kept his hand hidden from view in a manner indicative of a concealed weapon.

If an officer gives you a lawful order, you are bound by law to comply, not debate the officer’s authority or otherwise resist.  Furthermore, you cannot lawfully resist arrest, even if you know the arrest is wrong.  And at the end of the day, you will never, ever, win a fight on a street with the cops.  You might manage to beat “a” cop but, you cannot out run Motorola (or Fox if you’re in Houston) and there are almost always more cops than you are prepared to handle.  For your own safety, just do what the cop says.


Typical Left-leaning Local Media Slant on Castle Doctrine

During Sunday’s show (July 1), we mentioned an article by the Houston Chronicle discussing an apparent increase in the number of justified homicides in Texas.  That article can be found here (

As is typical of the media, they sensationalize the facts and the “expert” opinions they cite are themselves, biased to the left.  Here’s the real deal, in plain English.  The Texas Legislature did not and never has intended to give anyone carte blanche to kill at will.  The only person in Texas at any given time who has the “right” to kill another person is an executioner acting on a signed death warrant from the court.  Everyone else had better be prepared to have their actions reviewed.  If you read the law, it consistently requires that one’s actions be “reasonable.”  Believe it or not; you, as the actor in any given case, don’t get to decide what is and isn’t reasonable.  What is reasonable is decided, at the very least, by a local magistrate or grand jury based on evidence reported to them by the investigating officers.  If you are true billed and formally indicted, a jury of your peers will be tasked with deciding if your actions are reasonable.

As we’ve recently seen in the Raul Rodriguez case, “Stand Your Ground” is NOT an automatic get out of jail free card to shoot anyone, anywhere you see fit.  It’s true, you no longer have a “duty to retreat” but, that change assumes you didn’t go looking for a conflict or otherwise end up in a situation of your own making.  The intent was to clarify one’s right to defend himself if he happened to find himself being attacked away from home.  For example, how does one “safely” retreat if you’re at your office or place of business rather than your home when faced with a deadly threat?  Or if you’re simply out making that late evening, ice cream and pickles, run for a mother to be when you’re accosted in the parking lot?  A lot of folks will say run back to the store but, running isn’t necessarily an option for an elderly person or anyone with a disability let alone those of us lacking a “successful lifestyle body” (i.e. fat boys).

Soldier Gets Guns Back from Washington, D.C. – Guns & Ammo

Soldier Gets Guns Back from Washington, D.C. – Guns & Ammo.

Yet another reason NOT to visit D.C.  It is a beacon of irony.  To think, the seat of freedom and democracy in the world in fact rests in the most oppressive, least free city in all the United States.  We salute Lt. Augustine Kim for standing up to the District’s theft of his property.


Clerk killed in crossfire between robbers, customer – Houston Chronicle

Clerk killed in crossfire between robbers, customer – Houston Chronicle.
Still looking for details on this incident and can’t comment yet on this CHL holder’s specific actions without said details. We always recommend beating feet before committing to a gunfight.  The worst case scenario here is that the CHL holder’s rounds are found to be the cause of the clerk’s death.  If that is the case, the CHL holder is both criminally and civilly liable.

Ever get the feeling you picked the wrong guy to mess with? This guy did!

Stories like this typically go unreported.  I’m not going to congratulate the media for actually doing their job because this is what they are supposed to do…Simply report the facts, without spinning it to meet an agenda.  That said, it is also a fact that Mr. Ricciutti is fortunate to live in a free state.  Had he lived in Washington, D.C., Chicago, or New York City, he’d likely be facing felony criminal charges for even owning the gun he used to defend himself and his wife.  As my father has often said however, it is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.