Multiple bullet wounds at SW Houston gas station send man to hospital – Houston Chronicle

KPRC reports that the man was shot 13 times and is expected to survive.

via Multiple bullet wounds at SW Houston gas station send man to hospital – Houston Chronicle.

Shot 13 times and expected to survive! 50 Cent, the rapper, is reputed to have been shot 9 times. He’s got nothing on this guy! On a more serious note, we hope the victim recovers but, gas stations along Fondren can be especially hazardous. Again, stay vigilant.


Don’t leave home without it!…Man riding bike shot in Pasadena neighborhood – Local Crime

Stay vigilant. Keep your head on a swivel. Be armed whenever possible. It all sounds like paranoia until this kind of thing happens…

A man was shot and robbed Thursday morning as he rode his bicycle in a residential neighborhood in Pasadena.

via Man riding bike shot in Pasadena neighborhood – Houston Chronicle.

One can argue that it’s “Pasadena” and that one should expect to hear of robberies on the street there but, this wasn’t some run down dump in Pasadena. It’s actually a fairly nice neighborhood and even in the worst neighborhoods, you shouldn’t live in fear of victimization and no one should simply accept victimization as a way of life.

Yes, we advocate getting a CHL and training. Even if you don’t do the CHL or choose to carry a gun, at least consider self-defense in combative disciplines such as Systema or Krav Maga.  One thing that certainly won’t help you is sticking your head in the sand and pretending it can’t happen to you.


Be dangerous…A cops advice.

“…be polite and professional, but know what it takes to look — and be, if necessary — dangerous in the eyes of the criminal predator.” – Sgt. Steve “Pappy” Papenfuhs via Be dangerous: Maintaining street smarts off duty.

Good advice that carries over to the average guy walking the street. A friend/mentor said to me years ago, “If you act like a wounded minnow, you’ll be treated like one.” Same point as mentioned above, just a different expression. It’s a worthwhile read.


Female store clerk shoots and kills would-be robber : News :

“Just think if she didn’t have that weapon, what could have happened to her. This could be another innocent person dead for no reason,” say local resident via Female store clerk shoots and kills would-be robber : News :

Incidents in which law abiding citizens successfully defend themselves against violent criminal action occur far more often than the media and many who oppose to the right to bear arms would have you believe. It looks like December Long, 29, of Toledo, Ohio either knew this or learned very quickly on November 2. According to WNWO, an NBC News Affiliate.

Long was working as a clerk at a Toledo Stop & Ro…err…Stop & Go when Christopher Shockley, 28, a local half-way house resident, entered the story at approximately 9pm and attempted to rob the Stop & Ro…err…Go at gunpoint. Details are a little sketchy but according police, Shockley shot Long in the abdomen. Long produced her own gun and returned fire. Long’s bullet was placed more effectively and Shockley was found DRT (dead right there).

Offering commentary that is somewhat unusual for police departments, rather than admonishing Long and telling civilians they should simply be good victims, Toledo Police Public Information Officer Joe Hellerman said, “He came in to do the armed robbery. It turned into a gun fight…” and warned others to think twice before committing an offense because, “You never know if that clerk behind the counter has a gun.”

One local resident, cited only as Jose, went so far as to praise Ms. Long saying, “Well I would thank her honestly. That could have happened to someone else, and what if they didn’t have a gun.”


And the new anti-gun push begins…

091613_otr_timeline_640Before all the facts are in and the details of what really happened are known, predictably, the spin machine is already running. News outlets were quick to seize on yet another opportunity to vilify guns, especially the AR-15 (whether one was actually used or not) and semi-automatic pistols. The anti-gun push has already begun.  Never mind the fact this happened in a city where gun ownership was nearly completely outlawed until 2008 and even since then has been largely impractical. So much so, Emily Miller developed an entire news column, blog, and book on the process of acquiring a firearm in the District. But the reality is, gun control failed here, miserably. It only served to create a target/victim rich environment that ultimately claimed the lives of twelve people and injured at least a dozen others.

mediaguidetofirearmsThis morning, it is clear that the media has no clue what happened. In the firearms community, we all know that few in the media know a shotgun from a rifle and fewer still know an M-16 from an AK-47.  let’s not get into the differences between an M-16 and Ar-15 but, that too is a well known point of confusion and ignorance.  Still, we’ve already seen reports that an AR-15 was involved as well as a Glock.  It’s hell to be black…typically any semi-automatic handgun that is black in color, is a Glock.  Actually, that’s racist and we know “journalists” aren’t racists. The reality is, if it’s a handgun or looks like a handgun…It’s a Glock to the average journalist. Of course, they were also quick to say the guns were legally acquired but, they’ve had to retract/bury that because later, the report was video indicating this all started with a shotgun and that all other firearms taken from dead/injured first-responders. The latest news is that an AR-15 may not have been involved at all. The reality is, we don’t know. None of us outside the actual investigation really knows what happened and it may be weeks or months before we have all the details.

The fact we don’t know will not stop the anti-gun crowd from throwing the first brick and predictably, those of us on the other side of the issue will have to bust open our own bag of rocks. But I submit that a renewed debate serves no purpose other than a political exercise for those interested in playing those games.  The harsh reality is, all it takes is a typical garbage bag to kill and disarm your average sentry or police officer if he’s not expecting it. From there, it would be easy enough to acquire new weapons at the scene.  A goal oriented person is going to do damage no matter what legislation we pass so it would seem then there is little to be accomplished by additional gun control measures unless we’re going to take to disarming everyone, especially, the government and its agents, solely for the purpose of eliminating their weapons as a potential hazard. After all, we certainly don’t want NYPD showing up to save the day…They’ve shot at least 15 innocent bystanders in the 12 months in efforts to subdue a grand total of 3 suspects. Given those odds, I’ll take my chances with the bad guys having guns.

And finally, in the days ahead, we’ll go from interviews with friends and family who are predictably “shocked” and “can’t believe he [the shooter] was capable of such violence…” to finding out the shooter had a wide range of mental health issues that may or may not have been treated but, were still somehow documented. Failing mental health is perhaps the single most common thread among all mass murders and has long been a major problem in this country. Sandy Hook, Aurora, Tuscon, Virginia Tech, the list goes on. Not to mention that fully half or more of all firearm related fatalities are suicides, another symptom of mental illness.  But like petulant children, liberals and the media outlets they control, will insist on vilifying the tool if ever there is a gun involved.