NRA-ILA | Arizona Governor Signs Pro-Gun Bill Last Night as Legislature Adjourns

Last night, Governor Brewer signed into law House Bill 2535. This NRA-supported legislation improves the process for obtaining a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) certification when a signoff is required for the transfer of a firearm or other item regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA).

via NRA-ILA | Arizona Governor Signs Pro-Gun Bill Last Night as Legislature Adjourns.


We need this legislation in Texas. With the pending NFA rules changes from the BATFE, this would go a long way toward preventing 2nd Amendment hostile chief law enforcement officers (CLEOs) from arbitrarily denying signatures to citizens.

A CLEO signature does three things. It certifies that the applicant lives in the CLEOs jurisdiction; the CLEO has no knowledge the applicant will use the firearm unlawfully; and the CLEO has no knowledge the applicant is prohibited from owning the weapon. There’s no inherent liability to the CLEO himself or the local government but, that is often the “reason” given for refusing the signature.

While Texas is generally a gun friendly state, the larger municipalities and some counties aren’t always so friendly. As an example, the current Harris County Sheriff and Houston Police Chief will generally refuse to provide CLEO signatures. That’s not saying CLEO signatures can’t be had in Harris County but, it’s not often through those “obvious” channels. It would be nice if it were a violation of state law for these men to refuse signatures to non-prohibited persons. Heck, make it a felony. Wouldn’t that be something, a police chief in general population all because of his political bias.


News on the SAFE Act from a John Farnam associate out of NY…

5 Mar 14

Developments in NY, from friends there:

“NYC officials will not renew licenses for citizens who have certain guns which were previously, duly registered, and were supposedly ‘grandfathered-in,’ but are now ‘not approved’ for possession by private citizens.

So, the logical progression from registration, to confiscation, is now plain to see. However, the leftist media is taking great pains to conceal it from the public.

At a NY State sponsored ‘public information’ secession on NY’s ‘SAFE’ Act, conducted late last year in Clarence, NY, police were seen in the parking lot, copying down license plate numbers of attendees!

Who attended reported that the ‘informational session’ was a fraud! State officials there refused to answer any questions and provided no clarification. Attendees came away confused as to why such a secession was even held in the first place.

However, there was no confusion on the part of state officials. They got the information they wanted!

It is an old, Communist trick: Hold a phoney ‘public information session’ solely to find out who the ‘trouble makers’ are.

Communists and ‘Democrats’ in NY are getting hard to tell apart!

“Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the ‘good intentions’ of those who create it”

M Friedman


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