Douglas McIntyre of think’s the ARX100 is “unusually powerful.”

It takes a special kind of stupid to be so drawn in by the typical marketing BS of a manufacturer. But his classic media bias shines through in the opening paragraph of his recent financial article for

Gun company Beretta is tone deaf when it comes to calls for restrictions on powerful guns sold in the United States. It must be the chance to make money.

Beretta’s website carried an announcement that the ARX100 is "shipping now." Beretta markets the rifle as "Italian Design — American Built." Regardless of its origins, the gun is unusually powerful.

via Beretta’s New Super Rifle – Yahoo Finance.

In reality, there’s nothing revolutionary or extra ordinarily powerful about the ARX100. It’s just another .223/5.56mm, modern, semi-automatic rifle. Beretta USA is doing anything it can to gain new customers after the parent company threw Italian gun owners under the bus a few years back. That bad press translated in the US far better than Beretta USA might have liked and negatively impact sales that were already on the decline, even at the height of the 2013 buying frenzy following the murders at Sandy Hook. At $1,950 it is not “reasonably” priced to anyone who knows the firearms market and most of us know, guns and ammo are separate purchases.


The 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America Pictures – Pistols | Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone’s bias, ignorance, and questionable integrity continue. The latest example written by Kristen Gwynne.

In this latest installment of garbage, Kristen explains that the most dangerous guns in America are pretty much, all small arms. Specifically, pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and derringers. Not specific models. Nope just those entire classes of handguns and long guns. Yup, according to her, all guns are dangerous, evil, and should be banned.

You can read this latest edition of journalistic spooge at


Gun homicides down dramatically, Americans unaware –, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

What if I told you that everything you see in the news about a gun crime epidemic was a lie? I only ask because, there’s a good chance that between the news media and the way news feeds and search engines work these days, you’re getting a feed back loop that is specifically designed to bolster your opinion on almost everything. And it looks like some in the media are recognizing the problem.


Assaults, robberies, and sex crimes also went down by 75 percent in 2011. Perhaps images from shooting crime scenes seem all too familiar, but perhaps the attention to gun violence in recent months has caused more Americans to be unaware that gun crimes are actually markedly lower than they were two decades ago.

via Gun homicides down dramatically, Americans unaware –, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News.

The Houston Comical gives us yet another example of media bias and ignorance…

In this morning’s Houston Chronicle, Dane Schiller updates the paper’s Narco Confidential blog with a post regarding the top ten reasons the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has denied purchases for potential gun buyers. I don’t know Dane Schiller.  However; I do know guns and it is clear the Dane doesn’t know anything about guns and doesn’t care to check the facts before posting mindless drivel and calling it journalism.

In this latest post, Schiller states that there were more than 174 million NICS requests this year and that Texas leads the nation with a million requests through the end of August. Schiller also states there have been over a million NICS denials this year.  I don’t doubt that there have been well over a million firearms transaction in Texas this year but, the very source Schiller cites (The Federal Bureau of Investigations) contradicts the post.
There have not been 174 million NICS requests to buy firearms this year. That’s the total number of NICS requests over the life of the NICS program from November 30, 1998 through August 31, 2013.  The graphic Schiller used to illustrate the top tens reasons for denials (above), also clearly states that those million-plus denials occurred over the life of the NICS program, not just this year.

Sadly, there are people who will read the Chronicle and assume what is published is fact that’s been checked for accuracy. Clearly that is not something that happens with the Houston Chronicle. Even if the Chronicle or Schiller see themselves as biased, they clearly aren’t interested in getting the facts right when it comes to the issue of guns. They, like so many other media outlets, consistently misreport the facts on anything relating to guns. Worse, some plainly lie but then, I’m sure I’m just preaching to the choir.