Time to put on the foil hat…The black helicopters are real


A day or so ago, it was Miami, now it’s Houston. For those who don’t know, the Hughes 500 helicopter seen in this video sports a configuration flown almost exclusively by the Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment in this country. Just as was the case with the Blackhawk helicopters seen over Miami. If you saw Blackhawk Down, you likely saw the same helicopters and it might have been some of the same pilots.  And again, little or no detail about what these military units are doing or planning by operating in such public areas.

Folks, a little over four years ago, we were promised more transparency and honesty in our government than we’d ever seen before. Instead, if you’ve been paying attention, we’ve seen continuation and expansion of every secret program Bush ever started. You know; Gitmo, indefinite detention without trial, as well as warrant-less searches, seizures, and wiretapping?

Well, we now have a government that has openly stated it can, has, and will continue to kill US citizens or anyone else without any form of due process if they believe them to be “enemy combatants” in active war zones while known terrorists in the same region are supposed to be mirandized and given a public trial. When asked if the authority to kill US citizens applied to those on US soil, the current Director of the FBI said he wasn’t sure. Really? There used to be a document called the US Constitution that said quite clearly the answer is no but, the FBI Director isn’t sure if the Federal Government still sees things that way.

Meanwhile, all the people who were screaming that Bush was guilty for all of the above and more, have been conspicuously silent or leading the charge to disarm the public while the Federal Government buys billions of rounds of ammo, thousands of new rifles and shotguns, and heavier armor to “serve you better.” I’m not usually the foil-hat guy but, I am no longer confident that we are moving toward a freer, safer society


US Army Adopts New M4 Magazine, Bans All Other Magazines (Even PMAGs) – Gun News at Guns.com

US Army Adopts New M4 Magazine, Bans All Other Magazines (Even PMAGs) – Gun News at Guns.com.

Yet another episode of Army brass sticking it to the grunts on the ground.  I’ve put my fair share of rounds through the standard issue magazines as well as PMAGs and others.  PMAGs are clearly superior to the standard issue mags and I think Slowik makes a solid point that the Army may be thumbing their noses at PMAGs now, solely because MagPul wasn’t willing to give up the patent.