GOTR20150607 Podcast

No. It’s not a joke. We FINALLY managed to get the gang back together after a month of family and professional duties had us all spread to the four winds. Among the things that happened while we’ve been away, open carry and campus carry have both passed and will become law in Texas. And we’ve all had an opportunity to shoot Arsenal’s Strike One pistol and the new HK P30SK.

GOTR20150329 Podcast

Today’s podcast is up. We get into pending Open Carry legislation, Campus Carry, retention holsters, the Taurus Curve, and ham it up as usual in this week’s episode.

E127: Hand Gun Open Carry – ITRH Urban Survival Podcast

While there’s no podcast from GOTR this week, as it happens, Aaron of “In The Rabbit Hole” was kind enough to have me on as a guest for their latest episode. We get into open carry, campus carry, Constitutional Carry, the Glock 43, and a host of other issues. Be warned, there’s some adult humor but also some honest talk on Constitutional Carry toward the end of the podcast. I’m big fans of these guys and highly recommend you check out their blog and podcasts.


Well that didn’t take long…Constitutional Carry |HB195

Texas Legislature Online – 84(R) History for HB 195.

This bill seeks to not only allow open carry but, seeks to remove the Concealed Handgun License requirement for carrying a handgun all together. Contact your state representative if you want this bill to survive and pass the Texas Legislature.


GOTR20141109 Podcast

Finally! After two weeks, we managed to get the band back together and the podcast is up!