Graphic machete attack painfully illustrates the speed and nature of true violence and why we carry guns

My immediate thought is THIS IS WHY I CARRY A GUN! Cliché, yes? Doesn’t mean it’s an invalid observation or opinion. Take note that this machete attack begins and ends in less than 60 seconds. Where this happened is largely unimportant. You name the major city, this could just as easily be anywhere USA and the results would be similar.

When faced with violence, you can get “lucky” and survive on the mercy/ineptitude of the aggressor. We are seeing just that in this video as the manager of a cybercafe tries to stop a robbery with what looks like a broomstick. He falls to the ground because he loses his balance and his stick after taking a half-hearted swing at the first attacker. Still, the hits/cuts, don’t seem to be incapacitating for the defender in the moment of the attack. That’s something to note in terms of mindset. We tell people all the time, just because your cut, hit, or shot, doesn’t mean you’re done. This man very nearly was done because he stopped fighting almost as soon as he hit the first attacker. People often lose fights and die simply because they give up the moment pain is inflicted upon them. Of course, it might have been better to bring something more than a broomstick to that fight too…See thought number one on this subject.

Also note the complete lack of interest/aid from bystanders. Only one or two people react to what’s going on and they quickly return to minding their own business…Putting their faces back in their screens as if nothing happened while a man lay bleeding on the floor. Though we often hear of bystanders stepping in, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a rare event. How many IHOP robberies have we heard of here in Houston where most patrons simply watched the robbery happen? Don’t take that as necessarily faulting those people. The fact is, it is often better to simply be a good witness. If you want to go home at night, that is the often the preferred policy.

Last but not least, we NEVER see the police. When is there even time to make THAT call? The harsh reality is you are on your own. You cannot count on the kindness of strangers…The person who feels compelled to intercede on behalf of a stranger is a rare duck. And once again, when seconds count, the police are minutes away. Deal with it. Plan accordingly.