Commentary on registration and confiscation by John Farnam

Defacto results:

In NY yesterday the NYSP seized privately-owned guns and the state pistol
permit, all legally owned, of a law-abiding state resident. He was not
charged with anything.

The NYSP, shortly afterward, sheepishly admitted it was all a “mistake!”
They had foolishly acted on little more that an unsubstantiated rumor.

Now, at great personal expense, the owner is trying to get his property and
rights reinstated.

The poorly-written state law (“SAFE Act,” hurriedly passed in the middle
of the night) states that anyone “… likely to engage in conduct that would
result in serious harm to self or others” loses his rights. “Likely,”
according to whom? What does that mean? Of course, no one read any of it
before they voted!

In our Country, “due diligence” is supposed to be applied before one loses
his rights, liberty, or property to the state. Some are apparently
interpreting this new law to mean that no species of due diligence need be
applied at all!


1) Registration of privately-owned guns, always touted as “harmless,”
never helps the law-abiding citizen, in any way.

2) Once your legally-owned guns are unlawfully impounded, they will never
be voluntarily returned to you, even when it is pointed out that the “mistake
” was entirely the state’s. No bureaucrat will ever be charged, nor even
disciplined, for the error. You’ll have to get a court order, at your
expense. Even then, the process may take months, even years, and you’ll be
defenseless in the interim.

3) Leftist/liberal politicians are looking for any excuse to forcibly
confiscate privately-owned guns, while simultaneously making the process of
legally obtaining guns so onerous that most will be discouraged from even
trying. Their goal is to make gun-owners such a minuscule minority, that the
rest of our rights can then be trampled with scant political risk.

4) The goal of leftists is universal confiscation of privately-owned guns.
It always has been! “Registration” is just a necessary intermediate
step. “Enforced-helplessness” is difficult to impose on armed citizens!

“When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you
distrust them, either through cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of
these opinions generate hatred.”

Niccolo Machiavelli, From “The Art of War,” 1520

Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good sound bite…

This has bothered me to no end for weeks.  Days after Wayne LaPierre spoke the NRA new conference in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy, I heard liberals left and right saying his speech was shameful and that he’d made a fool of himself in calling for armed teachers.  But I couldn’t for the life of me remember hearing him say that. Armed security in the schools, certainly but, I don’t remember him saying all our kindergarten teachers needed to get strapped as the media has continually suggested.  So I decided I needed to read the transcript again, just to be clear because, it’s not like the media would ever get something wrong.

Well, I can’t find a single phrase in the entire thirteen page document.  Those of us who actually listened to the press conference with an open mind will not be surprised by this “revelation.” The fact is the liberal media is continually spinning “the facts” to fit their agenda while quietly, Democrats across the country are apparently embracing what Wayne LaPierre actually suggested…Professional, armed security for schools.  Congress is looking at grants to fund it.  Legislatures around the country have already authorized it in many cases.  So it seems that while the media continues to sell the idea that “we” and the NRA are crazy for suggesting it, legislators and administrators across the country are quietly acknowledging the idea that armed security is, in and of itself, a deterrent where as “Gun Free Zones” are a magnet for tragedy.

– Gary

Failure to follow lawful commands can be deadly

I’m having a hard time feeling sympathy for the deceased in this case.  The family can debate in ignorance if they like but, folks, when an officer says “let me see your hands,” that is NOT the time to start getting cute or deciding demonstrating your complete lack of understanding of the law.  This officer apparently gave the orders in both English and Spanish but, the decedent decided he didn’t have to show his hands and kept his hand hidden from view in a manner indicative of a concealed weapon.

If an officer gives you a lawful order, you are bound by law to comply, not debate the officer’s authority or otherwise resist.  Furthermore, you cannot lawfully resist arrest, even if you know the arrest is wrong.  And at the end of the day, you will never, ever, win a fight on a street with the cops.  You might manage to beat “a” cop but, you cannot out run Motorola (or Fox if you’re in Houston) and there are almost always more cops than you are prepared to handle.  For your own safety, just do what the cop says.


We’re suppose to AVOID, not seek, confrontations….

Raul Rodriguez went against everything concealed handgun license applicants are told about avoiding unnecessary confrontations.  Folks, it’s not enough to read the “Cliff Notes” version of the class regarding non-violent dispute resolution and use of force. Parroting cute little buzzwords on camera or the 911 tape while being an idiot and seeking a fight rather than avoiding one just provides admissible evidence of you being an idiot.




Lessons from a Fatal Shootout in a Crowded McDonald’s « Isegoria

Lessons from a Fatal Shootout in a Crowded McDonald’s « Isegoria.  Reposted from another blog known as Isegoria.  It’s an officer’s account of an off-duty shooting but, there are lessons to be applied both for CHL holders and officers alike if caught in an armed robbery of a commercial/retail establishment.