Just the right amount of arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity…

Diana DeGette displays the same sort of arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity toward a concerned citizen that she would attribute to Todd Akin with regard to rape.

That she displays such idiocy should not be a surprise.  She is, after all, a politician.  Worse, she’s a liberal Democrat who lives down to their reputation in this video. She not only completely dismisses her constituent’s concerns about self-defense, she mocks him saying,  “Good news for you. You live in Denver. The DPD would be there in minutes.”  But then she goes on to say, “you’d probably be dead anyway.”  This is the true face of liberal Democrats when it comes to the issue of your right to defend yourself.  She couldn’t have said it better if she were Marie Antoinette.  Of course, at the same meeting, she goes on to demonstrate her complete ignorance on firearms with regard to the efficacy of magazine bans.

These are the kinds of people dictating laws and policies with regard to firearms…As if Joe Biden’s own stupidity and ignorance wasn’t enough. What’s worse? The media is complicit and in many cases, just as ignorant. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are in a war. We cannot pat ourselves on the back for every little battle. There is an outright cultural war going on right now and it’s not really about guns, drugs, religion, or race. It’s about control, period.


Knee-jerk legislation is never a good idea and NY is learning it the hard way…


So it seems that in the Democrat’s race to ban guns, they’ve come to realize they didn’t think things through in their effort to take advantage of a tragedy.  First, it was a realization they didn’t codify a means by which police or military could retain their magazines.  Then, Cuomo admits no one makes a seven-round magazine for most guns.  And one can only guess the issue of constitutionality finally raised in the Democrat’s consciousness when they finally noticed that as written, even the 10-round magazines they said were grandfathered, couldn’t be legally sold, purchased, or manufactured in the state of New York once the law went into effect.

As a society, our nation has developed a habit of passing laws or enacting new policies in the name of everything that ever goes wrong or in the name anyone who dies.  This needs to stop as it consistently leads to bad policy that is either not enforceable or completely counter productive, whether it be Prohibition, the “War on Drugs,” the Patriot Act, or banning guns. People need to grow up and realize that “shit happens” even when we do everything “right.”  It is already illegal to kill people. You can’t make murder “more illegal” than it already is as murder tends to be a capital offense in most states. There’s little point in creating a maze of new laws that impact only law abiding citizens who are unlikely to commit murder in the first place.


A battle has been won for now but, the war rages on…

Assault weapons ban wont be in Dems gun bill – Yahoo! News.

Diane Feinstein’s nose has been bloodied.  Her proposed ban has been dropped from the bill going to the Senate.  However, it could still be revived as an amendment to bills that do go forward which include “universal” background checks and possible attempts at a national gun registry. As a community, we still need to keep up the pressure on Congress and our respective state legislatures.