Follow up to the PA shooting mentioned earlier today….Case Worker Dead, Two Wounded In Mercy Wellness Center Shooting – FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

Armed good guy with a gun, stops a mass shooting. It’s not on the mainstream media news because a successful engagement means there aren’t a dozen dead bodies to gloat over. But now, the doctor who saved the day, may face a loss of his job and his medical license.


Police believe there was a gunfire exchange between the doctor and suspect. According to Whelan, two guns were retrieved from the scene. The suspect did have psychiatric issues and was a patient, according Whelan. Whelan also says various employees wrestled suspect to the ground.

via Case Worker Dead, Two Wounded In Mercy Wellness Center Shooting – FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV.

At least 10 people injured in shooting at Navy building in Washington | Fox News

Here’s the latest news on the Navy Yard shooting in Washington D.C…Reports vary about how many people are dead. One report said ten were dead, another said ten injured. Some have said multiple shooters while another said a single shooter had been killed. It’s all unknown and unconfirmed to at this time and little if anything can be confirmed. We’ll offer what we can when we can. Predictably, the President and his political hacks are all angling to for the gun-control issue. The liberal media is salivating over the possibility an AR-15 may have been used. But, with something like this happening in a military installation, AR-15/M-16 rifles would be a common sight and may not have been involved other than their use by responding police or the on post security personnel.

Navy Yard Shooting Police Line

Navy Yard Shooting Police Line