Bloomberg is splitting hairs to redefine terms of gun-control…

“Not control, not banning, just regulation…” 

via Bloomberg: NRA focused on creating fear on Hill | TheHill.

Michael Bloomberg has made it clear he does not believe in an individual right to self-protection or the right of private individuals keep and bear arms. However, he believes in his own right to hire private armed security and has kept the bulk of his armed security detail from his time a mayor of New York City. Bloomberg also recognizes the push back he’s getting with the quest for gun control.

The term doesn’t sit well among many fence sitters because it is associated with bans and government control. Contrary to many mainstream media assertions, public trust in the government keeps falling and bans of almost anything other than Christianity, are increasingly unpopular.  So how do you “reframe” the debate and convince people you’re not really after what you’re really after? You lie. You try to “redefine” terms by splitting hairs and that’s what Bloomberg is doing right now.


Bloomberg pressures donors over gun control votes – Yahoo! News

Bloomberg pressures donors over gun control votes – Yahoo! News.

Just in case you were silly enough to think Bloomberg’s organization was only against “illegal” guns, his latest push is against Democrats who actually read and upheld the US Constitution.  He’s “pressuring” donors to withhold funds from the Democrats who aren’t walking in lock-step with Obama and Biden’s attempt the gut the 2nd Amendment. So basically, Bloomberg is saying that these folks need to bow to HIS lobby instead.