Everytown to “educate” media on reporting about guns

When it comes to reporting on guns, local and regional reporters bear the primary burden. They are often trapped into narrow deadline-driven beats with little time to develop expert sources, investigative angles or broader perspectives. And newsrooms and news managers are unprepared for the overwhelming, spasmodic tragedy of mass shootings. As a consequence, incidents of gun violence are too often viewed in isolation as random, inevitable tragedy rather than part of a wider phenomenon with complex causes but amenable to prevention efforts.

via Apply Now: Covering Gun Violence | Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma.

When you hear gun owners and others talk about media bias, this is a prime example. The Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma (the very name is a contradiction of terms), is holding a workshop, funded by Everytown For Gun Safety (Michael Bloomberg) to “…help journalists and news organizations in the Southwest improve their reporting on guns and gun violence.”

According to the Dart Center website, the workshop will:

  • Serve as a forum for improving journalists’ knowledge of guns and gun violence, and the implications of public policies like background check requirements
  • Explore new research, reporting ideas and best practices with leading public health and policy experts
  • Confront challenges — and identify opportunities — that exist for local journalists pursuing these stories with limited resources
  • Provide practical tools to enable journalists to successfully produce meaningful stories on guns and gun violence.

By the time attendees are done listening to the “national public health and policy experts; researchers and clinicians; award-winning journalists, and prevention advocates and survivors,” they will have learned to be more effective at pushing an agenda rather than accurately report facts and allowing the public to reach its own conclusions.

Fox News is often the first media outlet to be discussed as being “biased” but, here we have a supposed school of journalism (Columbia University) where allegedly, one is supposed to have a free “exchange” of ideas, that is openly and actively seeking to further indoctrinate the media into pushing one side, and only one side, of an issue. How is this not bias? How is this even remotely considered intellectually honest and ethical? Folks, as much as support for gun rights is reported at an all time high, make no mistake, we are facing a war of a lifetime going forward and the mass media is complicit in an effort to out right lie to the general public. That lie begins in schools when kids are young and continues through their professional lives as demonstrated here.



2A BOMBSHELL: Moms Demand Action Leader was Slapped with a Protective Order – Watts Still Kept her on Board! – BuzzPo

“Erika Quinn who described herself as a Moms Demand Action leader for Oklahoma, was ordered by the courts to remain 300 yards or more away from the children named in the order, as well as surrender any and all firearms that she may own.”

via 2A BOMBSHELL: Moms Demand Action Leader was Slapped with a Protective Order – Watts Still Kept her on Board! – BuzzPo.


Funny how often anti-gunners are people who are actually prohibited from owning guns themselves. Of course, that’s not always the case. Bloomberg is legally entitled to own a gun and has a full squad of goons to carry guns on his behalf. He just doesn’t think YOU should have the ability to do the next best thing…Carry a gun yourself.


Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun money up in smoke as pro-gun sheriff wins in Wisconsin – Washington Times

The race took on national tones just last week when Mr. Bloomberg — who helps head the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group and who has taken up a personal crusade to scale back Second Amendment rights — threw in $150,000 to defeat Sheriff Clarke. That amount was more than what Sheriff Clarke and his opponent, Chris Moews, spent on their entire campaigns, The Post reported.

via Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun money up in smoke as pro-gun sheriff wins in Wisconsin – Washington Times.

I just love a little bit of good news on “Hump Day.” Don’t you? It’s inspiring to see the voice of the people resonate in spite of meddling from the likes of Michael Bloomberg. In his crusade to buy his way into Heaven by sending gun rights to Hell, Bloomberg was handed a full on defeat by the people of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Chris W. Cox, Executive Director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action issued this statement: “On behalf of the NRA’s five million members, we would like to congratulate Sheriff David A. Clarke on his hard fought victory in yesterday’s Primary election for Milwaukee County Sheriff. Sheriff Clarke’s outspoken commitment to the Second Amendment earned him the admiration of NRA members and gun owners nationwide. His dedication to freedom and the Constitution also earned him the wrath of gun control elitist Michael Bloomberg and his allies, who spent over half a million dollars (more money than both candidates in this race combined) trying to defeat Sheriff Clarke. But in the end, Bloomberg’s money could not buy the hearts and minds of the voters.”


Everytown for Gun Safety makes a “pro-gun” video

You need to see this video before they realize their mistake. Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts have managed to make a video they think promotes the need for gun control. But an objective view of it would suggest it can just as easily be interpreted as the exact opposite, promoting gun ownership by women.

In this video, the presumably estranged husband/father is threatening “Mom” from outside the home. Mom calls 911 for help. in the time it takes 911 to answer and for her to explain why she needs help, “Dad” has kicked in the door and overpowered Mom, threatening to take the child. The police or any other help 911 MIGHT provide is no where to be seen. And while this video depicts a gun as the weapon of choice, there’s no reason to believe the result wouldn’t be the same if “Dad” were reduced to nothing more than a knife, bat, stick, plastic bag, or his bare hands.

The idea that “Mom” might be able to defend herself or her child apparently has never entered the minds of Everytown for Gun Safety. And it would seem they expect it to never enter the minds of anyone watching the video. They expect that anyone watching it will see that “clearly, if only this man didn’t have a gun, none of this would happen.” But suppose, for a moment, that Mom had a gun?

Might “Mom” have been able to yell, “Stay out! I have called the police and I will shoot you…” and mean it? Might that justifiable threat of deadly force have caused “Dad” or anyone else outside the home to reconsider entering forcibly, thus avoiding the loss of life or threat of injury for all parties entirely? And if Mom’s justifiable threat fails to dissuade Dad, having a gun provides a force multiplier that may give her the ability to stop Dad even if he brings his own gun. Still, the video perfectly illustrates something else we know about many similar scenarios. Calling 911 is fine when there is sufficient time for help to arrive but, as the saying goes, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.


Bloomberg is splitting hairs to redefine terms of gun-control…

“Not control, not banning, just regulation…” 

via Bloomberg: NRA focused on creating fear on Hill | TheHill.

Michael Bloomberg has made it clear he does not believe in an individual right to self-protection or the right of private individuals keep and bear arms. However, he believes in his own right to hire private armed security and has kept the bulk of his armed security detail from his time a mayor of New York City. Bloomberg also recognizes the push back he’s getting with the quest for gun control.

The term doesn’t sit well among many fence sitters because it is associated with bans and government control. Contrary to many mainstream media assertions, public trust in the government keeps falling and bans of almost anything other than Christianity, are increasingly unpopular.  So how do you “reframe” the debate and convince people you’re not really after what you’re really after? You lie. You try to “redefine” terms by splitting hairs and that’s what Bloomberg is doing right now.