CJ Grisham mentioned in commentary about what’s wrong with our Armed Forces…

An interesting and worth while read…(http://www.michaelyon-online.com/monkey-business-our-broken-army/All-Pages.htm)

I’d like to say first the article above should NOT be taken as an indictment against open carry or those supporting open carry.  For the record, we firmly believe Texans, all Americans, should have the option to carry openly if they so choose. But the fact is, open carry is not the subject of this article at all.

The article is in fact, commentary on issues of leadership and discipline (or lack thereof) within our Armed Forces. Issues we’ve heard echoed many times among those currently serving and those who left active service in recent years. It happens however, that the article leads off with what can only be described as the ongoing misadventures of one Master Sergeant CJ Grisham, US Army. Apparently Grisham was recently relieved of duty as the Non-commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) of the Army’s Warrior Adventure Quest at Fort Hood.

Grisham has been held out by some as a hero of the 2nd Amendment and Open Carry movement.  And while I know I’ll take heat for this, Grisham’s behavior in the now infamous Temple, TX video didn’t sit any better with me than that of the police officers in said video. I have long wondered if, like those who immediately jumped to holding Trayvon Martin out as a modern martyr of the “Civil Rights Movement” and racial equality, people were jumping to the defense of Grisham with the same sort of blind bias. The article would seem to indicate that this would be “hero” may not be up to the task and is more of an example of a professional victim.