GOTR’s time at KSEV comes to and end but, the show ain’t over just yet.

Dear brothers and sisters of the spiral tube, it is with regret that I must tell you that our joyride on the KSEV Radio Train has come to an end. KSEV made a business decision to fill our time slot with Michael Savage reruns. We have had a great time in the studio and are very appreciative of the opportunity KSEV afforded us. There is a silver lining, as we will shortly have a new YouTube channel up and lots of reviews and the typical banter will continue from Shiloh Shooting Range. Stay tuned to our FB page and, which we will update shortly with more info. Shoot Straight!


22 June 2014 Podcast

The June 22, 2014 podcast is up. Special thanks to Mr. Charles Cotton of the Texas Firearms Coalition and National Rifle Association Board of Directors for joining us in studio today. We would also like to thank for Mr. Terry Holcomb and CJ Grisham for calling into today’s discussion on open carry.

15 June 2014 Podcast

The 15 June 2014 Podcast is up! We’d again like to thank Terry Holcomb, Executive Director of Texas Carry, for joining us in studio today. We learned quite a bit about the Open Carry movement that isn’t being covered by the mainstream media and unfortunately, has been lost (in part) through the actions of a few “liberty drunk” individuals. Do tune in next week as we’ll have none other than Charles Cotton of the Texas State Rifle Association to give another side of this discussion.

GOTR has been a little slow lately…

We’re sure you’ve noticed but, we’ve been a little behind on activity lately at GOTR. It’s not that we haven’t had plenty to say, we just haven’t had time to say it. As many of you know, all of us in studio have lives and full-time jobs outside the show. With the holidays upon us, some of us have a little more free time and can finally start to catch up. Still we’d like to apologize for not being quite as active as we could/should be.

Bloomberg pressures donors over gun control votes – Yahoo! News

Bloomberg pressures donors over gun control votes – Yahoo! News.

Just in case you were silly enough to think Bloomberg’s organization was only against “illegal” guns, his latest push is against Democrats who actually read and upheld the US Constitution. ┬áHe’s “pressuring” donors to withhold funds from the Democrats who aren’t walking in lock-step with Obama and Biden’s attempt the gut the 2nd Amendment. So basically, Bloomberg is saying that these folks need to bow to HIS lobby instead.